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10 Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend

Starting to have some awkward silences? Try these 10 conversation ideas to talk about with your girlfriend.

Thessa Phillips By Thessa Phillips Reviewed by Albert Brown

Women love to talk, and even more, they want their partners to talk with them as often as possible. There’s nothing sweeter than a man who takes the time to sit down with his girlfriend and discuss the topics that are important to her, and to both of them.

Just as men have their needs, so do women, and one of those needs happens to be long conversations on the phone or on the couch at home. If you want to stay in your partner’s good graces and keep her satisfied, you might want to start sitting down with her and engaging in some meaningful conversation.

With so many topics in the world to discuss, what should you talk about with her? Should you gossip with her? And when you do find things to talk about, how long should you keep the conversation going?

Don’t worry, we’ve gathered some interesting topics that you can discuss with your partner for hours on the phone.

The Power of Conversations in a Relationship

The power of communication
Couples who prioritize communication have a stronger and healthier relationships.

Before we jump into the topics you should discuss with your partner, it’s essential to understand just how important communication is in any relationship. It’s not only important for your partner, but for you too.

Communication is the foundation of any successful relationship. The more you communicate, the more you’ll learn about each other, and the closer you’ll become.

If you’re looking for a long-term, meaningful relationship, you need to prioritize communication. It’s a cycle: when you give her what she wants, which is communication, she’ll feel like you care about her and her thoughts. That closeness will then make her more capable of meeting your needs.

It’s no wonder they say communication is the key to a healthy relationship!

10 Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend

Thinks to talk about with your girlfriend
10 topics to share with your girlfriend.

1. Talk About Your Future and How She Could Play a Part in It.

While this is a conversation that’s more likely to happen later in a relationship than in the early stages, it’s still important to have it sooner rather than later. Most girls with boyfriends want to know where their relationship is headed.

Women are emotional and sensitive, and they want to feel loved, wanted, and taken care of for life. If you have a plan for your future and it includes her, she’ll be thrilled.

Plus, women love a man who has his life together.

Don’t lie about your hopes and dreams for the future just to impress her. It’s better to be honest and realistic about your career, home life, and family goals.

2. Talk About Her Aspirations.

Delve into her mind and ask her what she envisions for her future. Does she have any career or family plans in mind? She’ll be delighted that you’re interested in her aspirations.

Showing interest in her future demonstrates that you’re committed to the long-term and not just focused on the present. By asking her questions, you’re also showing that you care about her goals and not just your own.

There’s nothing more attractive than a man who listens, pays attention, and supports his partner’s aspirations.

3. Talk About Her Favorite People, Places, and Good Memories.

As we just mentioned, there’s nothing sexier to a woman than a man who takes an interest in her and asks questions about her deepest desires. So, take the time to talk with her about the things she loves the most – her favorite places, people, and memories.

If you can get her to open up and share what’s in her heart, my friend, you’ve found the key to it. Ask her about her favorite foods, her childhood experiences, and anything else that comes to mind.

By learning about her past, you’ll build a connection that goes beyond the physical and emotional. You’ll be bridging the gap between your souls, bringing you closer together in every way possible.

When you take the time to listen and show interest in the things she cares about, you’re showing her that she’s loved and appreciated. You’re letting her know that her experiences matter and that she’s not alone in this world.

4. Talk About Your Childhood.

On the contrary, it’s important that you also share your childhood and past memories with her. Just like how you want to know all about her, she needs to know all about you too.

Of course, be mindful of the memories you choose to share. Avoid ones that might hurt her feelings or make her angry. Instead, share beautiful and intimate memories that will make her proud to be with you.

But don’t hide the truth either. If you had a difficult childhood, it’s okay to share that with her. She’ll be glad that you confided in her and will be there to support you as you talk about it.

Let her know about your favorite places and the memories associated with them, just as she shared with you. If you can relate to any of the memories she’s shared, this is a great opportunity to show her that you were paying attention by sharing a memory of your own that matches hers.

5. Gossip With Her.

I’m probably stating the obvious here, but one reason why many women love talking on the phone, going to the bathroom with their girlfriends, and having girl days is to gossip.

Now, when you think of gossip, you probably imagine negative talk or bad-mouthing someone. However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, gossip can be about something positive. It’s basically just people discussing situations they’re not involved in (or sometimes they are involved), and usually with the person who is involved, or the other person/people involved, not present at the time of the conversation.

Gossip can even be about TV shows or movies that you liked or disliked. Engaging in gossip, whether it’s senseless or not, negative or positive, still makes your woman happy. After the conversation, she’ll feel “freed,” especially if the gossip is about someone at her job who’s jealous of her and tries to one-up her every day. This can make her hate her job so much that she’s been looking for another one.

And that’s just the beginning of the story. When gossiping with your girl, be prepared to sit down for some time.

If your woman is more reserved and doesn’t usually gossip like most, you can always talk about her favorite actors or singers and what’s going on in their lives. Politics is also a topic that usually gets people talking nowadays.

6. Share Secrets You Haven’t Shared With Anyone Before.

Share a secret with her that you haven’t told anyone before, or at least not any other woman. Let her know that she’s the first (or only) person, especially the only woman, to whom you’ve shared some of your deepest, darkest moments.

You don’t need to scare or worry her, but do share something personal, like that time you shoplifted at 20 years old and went home scared for weeks, feeling like the cops were going to show up at your door any minute. Or maybe you have a sad secret about something that happened to you that you haven’t told many people.

Whatever it may be, the fact that you’re willing to share something so personal with her, coupled with the fact that she’s the first (or first woman) to know, will make her feel like an absolute queen in your world.

7. Talk About Your Aspirations and Failures.

Everyone has had a huge dream of being something almost supernatural when they were growing up. Some of us even have dreams in our 30s and beyond that we still feel we will accomplish before we die.

Let her in on that dream that you gave up on or the one you feel like you might as well give up on now. There’s something about a sensual, deep, and slightly sad conversation where she can encourage and uplift you that can take your relationship to a whole new level.

You could even ask her about the dreams she had growing up and if she still has them today.

Conversations like these can put your relationship on the next level. Having a deep relationship is one of the best ways to fight adversity together when it comes your way.

8. Talk About Situations You Have Overcome.

The only thing sexier than a man who listens and takes the time to talk to his lady is a man who has faced evil and fought it off. A man who has been through the valley and emerged victorious on top of the mountain with a story to tell.

Women have a natural need to feel protected by their big, strong man. So, when she hears about how you were stranded in the woods for five days with nothing, fighting off a bear, snake, rat, and cat, she might just jump your bones right in the middle of the story.

On a more serious note, hearing about how you overcame really tough times will not only make her admire you and maybe even see you in a new light, but it will also give her hope for any adversities she’s facing.

Women draw strength from their men, and men draw sensitivity from their women. Balance is the secret to the universe, and without it, the world wouldn’t function properly.

9. Talk About What You Love About Her.

There’s no need to get cheesy or over-exaggerate, but talk about everything you love about her, from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head. Maybe you love her toes or brushing her hair? Tell her.

If you love her personality, her looks, what she stands for, and every minute spent with her, tell her that too! She needs to know pretty much daily that you care about her and what you like about her because women need to feel needed.

Women have an insatiable capacity for compliments and sweetness, so give it all to her, baby!

10. Ask Her to Share an Intimate Secret She Has Never Shared Before.

It doesn’t have to be a deep, dark secret that she wouldn’t want you to remember if you ever broke up, but ask her to tell you something that she’s never shared with anyone before. Even if it’s something silly like she still sleeps with her teddy bear at night at the age of 30.

Getting her to open up about something she won’t share with anyone else can strengthen the relationship and show you the stage you’re in if she musters up the courage to do it. However, some women might be too shy, and that’s okay. Let her know it can be anything.

If she’s hesitant at first, start by telling her something silly you’ve never shared with anyone, like the time you accidentally peed in your friend’s bed while drunk at 15 years old.

It’s not about what is shared; it’s the act of doing it that demonstrates trust and builds it between you two.

Aftermath of Having a Conversation With Your Girlfriend

What to do after the conversation
It’s healthy for a relationship to continuously communicate.

We can’t speak for everyone, but after a good, deep, interesting talk with your boo, cuddling sounds like the perfect way to relax afterward. Sometimes, depending on the conversation, having sex might be the only thing you want to do afterward. If you’re not able to physically be together, try having phone sex.

Make sure to tell her exactly how you feel, saying “I love you” if you really do, or if you haven’t reached that love stage yet, tell her how happy you are to have her as your woman.

Closing the conversation is like ending any other conversation, saying goodbye before you leave or hang up, unless you both fall asleep afterward, which might be the sweetest thing you can do following a deep, interesting conversation.

After all, mental stimulation and “mental orgasms” in a relationship are just as crucial as physical ones. Enhance your relationship and stimulate your mind by having at least one meaningful conversation a week.

About the Author

Thessa Phillips Image

Thessa Phillips is a passionate writer and content contributor for Chat Line Numbers, as well as a part-time relationship counselor based in San Francisco, CA. With her deep knowledge of the dating industry and years of experience counseling couples and individuals, Thessa has created many viral articles on dating tips and tricks. In addition to writing, she enjoys watching movies and going to the theater.