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Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

by Sarah Hall

Whether you’re meeting at a wedding, bar, gym, park, or just in her dm, a survey revealed that 70% of girls love guys flirting with them healthily regardless of the place and time.

The trick is in mastering the art. You want to indicate that you’re harmless, attracted, available, and vibrant. Psychologists say that questions, as opposed to being touchy, are a sort of polite way to start flirting with the girl you like. It makes you seem harmless and can ignite her smile.

Wondering what flirty questions to ask a girl you’re meeting at a first date or in her dm? Forget about the basic inquiries and see the flirty questions our experts approve of asking a girl.

First, let’s start with the perfect subtle flirty questions to start a great conversation:

1. Can You Tell Me Why You’re the Most Beautiful Woman Here?

Taraji Hope says that “it’s rare to find a heterosexual woman who doesn’t desire a compliment from a man. And if he asks interestingly, it makes her feel even extra special.”

As opposed to saying “you look beautiful,” twisting this compliment into a question enables her to ditch the curt reply “thank you” to giving room for more dialogue.

“That means whether you desire a long-term relationship with her or a short-term romance, this is an effective way to build the cordiality you need to move to the next stage says,” Taraji.

Moreover, chances are the other guys who may compliment her would merely confess that she is beautiful, unlike your suggestion that she’s the most beautiful girl around. This, therefore, puts you ahead.

2. Can I Know Why You’ve Caught My Attention?

It doesn’t matter if you’re in her dm or right before her face. This flirty question is one to inspire her to smile.

“A 2021 online research has shown that girls don’t play hard to get with guys who make them smile on their first conversation. That’s why I encourage men to find ways to impress the girl they like. It could be by asking her creatively crafted flirty questions to make her smile,” says Dr. Edward Lee, a clinical therapist.

Asking her why she has caught your attention would not only make her smile but wonder what you like about her.

This means there’s a chance to continue the chat. And when you do have your chance, don’t blow it up by saying absurd things such as “it’s because you have nice boobs, or a curvy body, Instead say, “I think you caught my attention with the way you make me feel.”

This is a mysterious reply which she’d love to unravel. Besides, everyone loves to unravel a mystery, especially one that seems complimentary.

3. Why Do You Have Such Flawless Skin?

A 2018 survey on things women find irresistible reveals that beauty compliments about their skin tops the list.

“If you know how much work 60% of women put in to be in their best skin, you’d understand why a compliment like this stands out in their mind,” says a Los Angeles dating expert, James Truth.

This inquiry isn’t just the perfect flirty question because it’s harmless or shows you’re attracted to her but because it’s a bold one many guys shy away from. Chances are you’ll be the first to ask her this. Thankfully, confidence is an attractive feature many women find alluring in the men who flirt with them.

Over time emotions will build up, so you’d want to ask her the directly flirty questions, the one that’s sure to show that you want to get romantic with her. Below are flirty questions experts say to ask after having a great conversation.

4. Why Do You Make Me Go Insane

New York-based sex therapist Angela McCain says there’s no better way to continue a romantic conversation with a girl than making her believe she gets you crazy.

Every girl would find it flattering to know they have some power over you. A flirty question like “why do you make me go insane just by looking at your headshot?” will get your girl or future date crazy about you in return.

5. Do You Know How Sexy You Are?

According to Psychologist James Bernard, women who are told how appealing their physique is would most likely develop a higher self-confidence than those who barely get any compliment about their appearance.

Therefore, aiming to boost her confidence in a world where women are held to such high beauty standards is a winning strategy to make her like you.

After a steady conversation going into a couple of days, you can chip in a complimentary question like, “do you know how sexy you are?” to make her feel not just good about herself but think of you as a lovely guy.

6. Has Anyone Ever Loved You in a Crazy Way?

“We women find it interesting when our men love us crazily. Giving us the impression of “it’s the two of us against the world.” A romantic relationship that challenges rules, modesty, and general expectations can come off as crazy. There lies the magic that makes a woman know that she’s found someone special,” says relationship counselor, Paula Jake.

Ask your girl, “has anyone ever loved you crazily?” This question will make her believe you are ready to go miles for her. Talk about a couple of goals.

7. What Is Your Favourite Kink?

“Life is hard, that’s no news, but the bedroom can offer some stress relief,” says sex therapist Tyson Jenkins. He adds, “so we mustn’t shy away from exploring our sexuality. From years of experience in couple counseling, it’s evident that couples who engage in BDSM and other kinks share a stronger bond and intimacy than the others who don’t. This also has an impact on their happiness and the duration of their marriage.”

Hence, it’s not taboo to ask a girl what kink she likes the most: foot fetish, masochism, gagging, or bondage. You might just be the guy she’s been waiting for if only you’ll wear some confidence and ask her the question already. Remember, this inquiry is no conversation starter.

8. Would You Like Some Cuddles Tonight?

A girl that’s into you would love to have a touch from you.

Signs that she’s physically attracted to you can include:

  • Fixing her gaze on you.
  • Showing excitement when conversing with her.
  • Stroking.
  • Touching her hair while talking to you.

If some of these signs are evident in her, you can go ahead to ask her if she’ll love some cuddles with you. This way, you could get a date that’ll make the cuddle moment happen.

9. Would You Love to Touch Six-Pack Abs?

Women love men who appear strong. You can get the attention of most women when you have well-built muscles and six-pack abs to show off.

If you do have them, it’s time to flaunt them. Ask her if she’d love to touch some six-pack abs. If her answer is positive, you can tell her that means she’ll like to touch you cause you’ve got what she likes.

10. Do You Like Hot Romance?

“Romantic partners who chip in hot romance keep their love for each other burning years and years later. That’s why women desire men who have what it takes to keep their romance heated. So exhibit this trait during your conversation,” says dating coach Melissa Donald.

Ask her this flirty question, “do you like hot romance” to show that you’re up for it. Then ensure you surprise her with one afterward. This could mean showing up unannounced at her workplace, serving her breakfast in bed, having spontaneous sex, taking your bath together, or kissing her out of the blues.

11. Don’t Tell Me You Have a Boyfriend. Will You?

Perfect question to ask a girl you want to date someday. 

“Women are attracted to men who show what they want from them from the get-go, unlike guys who’d make them wait before popping the “will-you-marry-me question,” says Linda Brown, relationship expert and author of Making Her Fall Head Over Heels In Love With You.

Chances are this inquiry might cause the famous Nelly and Kelly Rowland kind of dilemma if she has a man.

12. What Do You Like Most About Your Body

Sex therapist John Murray says, “you must know what part of her body she likes most so you can shower her with compliments and even adore them as she does. In the long run, this piece of information could be helpful when sharing some intimate moments.”

Besides, you could even get her gifts, say sexy bra, if she loves her boobs the most or shoes, if she finds her legs sexy. A romantic gesture like this will endear her more to you until she’s completely enamored with you.

The trick is to set the right mood before flirting with her.

Set the mood first.

Remember, it’s not like girls don’t want to be flirt with. They just need a guy who does it the right way. So keep the atmosphere relaxed, start with our conversation starters and then dive into the hot-blown flirty questions.

About the Author

Sarah Hall Image

Following in her parents' footsteps, Sarah was always writing, even at a young age. She has now been a writer for over seven years, with a degree in psychology as well. Although it seems unlikely, this has helped her tremendously in her writing due to her ability to understand others and because she knows how to best approach people. Aside from writing and psychology, she enjoys playing tennis on the weekends.