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Party Line Numbers With Free Trial

by Thessa Phillips

Most people like to get a little freaky now and then, and sometimes when you want to “have a little fun” that doesn’t mean you want to pay for it – at least not every time.

There are times you’d like to talk dirty to someone without paying for it, right?

Not only can you try out a party line for talking dirty to another local single but you can also try it out for some genuine connections and some real dating.

There are bad boys, good girls, jezebels, and Christian boys on every single site, you will be able to find “your people” once you choose a site to date from.

Well, believe it or not, there are party lines out there that will allow you one free trial – and we’ve found them. We know you’ve been wondering, so we’ve gathered up some of the best chat lines out there with free trials.

Why You Should Try a Party Line

Reasons why to try a party phone line
Reasons why to try a party phone line

There are hundreds of reasons you could try out a chat line to meet singles and horny people.

One of the largest reasons that 99% of our users love our party lines is because they are able to meet fun, local singles in their area by just listening to recordings and talking over the phone.

Another major reason to try out our hotlines is the fact you can meet people from all over, not just in your area. Maybe your soulmate just hasn’t moved there yet?

Our chatlines provide ways to talk with sexy singles in any way you choose to, whether it be sexually or on a deeper more personal level.

The phone also provides a different form of dating, it’s not as discreet as the internet where you can be whoever you want to be, but it’s not as personal and in your face as meeting a blind date for the first time in person.

You’re able to get the first impression the right way, without judging them by their looks as we all do in person, and without someone overexaggerating like everyone seems to do online.

Sure, there are downfalls to dating over the phone at first too but we still feel like it’s the better “first time talking” option at the very least.

All Party Line Numbers

All party line numbers exposed.
All party line numbers exposed.

Free Trial of 60 Minutes

LiveLinks Party Line Number: (844) 797-7569 is one of the most, if not the most, sexy chat lines there is today. With over 2 million users, you’re sure to find that special one to talk with tonight. Connect with all kinds of hot, local singles on the LiveLinks party line tonight!

GuySpy Voice (Gay Party Line)

Free Trial of 60 Minutes

GuySpy Voice Party Line Number: (855) 351-8665

If you’re looking for a sexy, single, gay man and some adventure tonight, GuySpy is your number one party place for fabulous single hunnies! Join in on some live and discreet chat now to meet the guy of your dreams.

RedHot Dateline

Free Trial of 60 Minutes

RedHot Dateline Party Line Number: (888) 674-8069

Looking for some wild, uncensored chat? RedHot Dateline provides a wild party line where you can share your darkest fantasies, and nobody will judge you for it! In fact, you’re encouraged to share. Take an adventure with someone sexy tonight on RedHot!


Free Trial of 60 Minutes

Fonochat Party Line Number: (866) 837-6102

Fonochat is the largest Hispanic party line out there today, for more genuine connections with real Latino and Latina singles just waiting on your call or to hear your voice! Fonochat has been going since 1990, and has only grown stronger as the years go by – trust your instincts, call them tonight for your Latin lover!


Free Trial of 60 Minutes

Vibeline Party Line Number: (855) 404-9900

For all of the African American beauty queens looking for her chocolate king, try Vibeline. Vibeline is one of the most trusted chatlines for black men and women since the ’90s. Start a genuine connection with a hot local, or just have some fun conversation with someone who sounds hot and vibe out all night long.

Two Talkers

Free Trial of 60 Minutes

Two Talkers Party Line Number: (800) 963 7792

Women love Two Talkers for more than two reasons, but one of the best reasons is that this chat party is always free for women! Men love Two Talkers because of this same reason – more women for them to talk to! It’s a win-win situation, and you can choose to have a sexy fun chat or a genuine connection.

PSN Line (PhoneSexNumbers)

Free Trial of 30 Minutes

PSN Party Line Number: (888) 696 4766

Phone Sex Numbers is a party-line dedicated to showing you more than just one free trial, according to what you’re into. It’s a one-stop-shop if you will, for all phone numbers free and sexy.

Chatline Dating

Free Trial of 30 Minutes

Chatline Dating Party Line Number: (877) 448 8935

Chatline Dating is another one-stop-shop if you’re looking for a sexy single to chat and party with tonight, whether you’re gay, straight, lesbian, or all of the above – has you covered.

Everything You Need to Know About Party Lines

All you need to know about phone party lines.
All you need to know about phone party lines.

What Is a Party Line?

Party lines are used for local singles and those who just want to chat, to make connections with others by phone, instead of chatting on a website. You’ll get to hear hundreds of sexy greetings of people near you, or far away, depending on what you choose, and they’re looking for the same thing you’re looking for.

Much like a hotline, or a chat line number, a party line is there to provide you sexual and/or genuine, stimulating support via telephone – depending on what you’re looking for. Of course, we all know it can go way further than this, but that’s the gist of it.

How Many Minutes Do I Get for Free?

Women sometimes receive a free account altogether, depending on the chat line, but for most users, you’ll get 30-60 minutes free. Make sure you contact us if your trial runs out and you feel like you need more time to test the line.

How Do Party Lines Work?

Anyone who calls into a chat line must first record their greeting, and give a little background information on them as far as location, what they’re looking for, who they are, etc.

Your greeting is your selling point, it’s what everyone is going to hear and listen to and decide if they’d like to chat with you or not, so make it sweet but simple. (Examples of greetings are on the website)

After you record and save your greeting, choose the type of callers that you’d like to hear, and set up your own profile – you’re ready to dive into the pool of callers.

This is where you’ll choose (depending on the hotline you’re using as some are different in the ways they are used) but you may choose the age range and location of the callers you’re looking for, to find people close to you or maybe in an area you’re looking to live.

You’ll listen to many different greetings, and be able to pass or talk to them, depending on if you like their greeting or not.

This is when you are able to start connecting to other callers to talk with them and see if you two are a good match or if you should have just “swiped left” in the first place.

How Do You Connect With Another Caller?

There are two ways to connect with other callers: private messages and live chats.

Since the premise of the lines is that everyone calling in, both men and women no matter which line you call, will all have their own live greeting, where you record your greeting and introduction about yourself (your username, broad location such as California, a few hobbies, and what you’re looking for/looking to get out of this experience).

These live greetings are thrown into pools of callers, and when you call in and sign up, you choose certain criteria and that gives you your pool of greetings.

You’ll go through them, just like someone is going through your greeting, and you’ll have a choice to pass, leave a message, or choose to connect live right then and there.

If you pass, the greeting will stop and you’ll start hearing a new greeting from another caller. If you choose to leave a message, you are sent to their mailbox and you leave them a message.

As soon as you are done and you send it, that caller will receive a notification if they are online that they have a message from someone.

If you choose the live chat option the caller is immediately notified that they have a live connection and can then choose one of those three same options as before, but for you instead. The same goes for private messages.

Live chats will auto-connect if everyone agrees to it and then your chat will automatically begin, so be ready to chat not long after clicking to go live with a caller.

Are These Real People or Paid Callers?

Everyone that calls into these party chat lines is just as real as you are, everyone leaves a greeting, in the same way, making these the best hotlines for genuine, fun connections.

Can You Have Phone Sex on a Party Line?

Yes! All of your conversations and messages are private and confidential, in fact, at least half of the users online use these lines for phone sex.

Of course, there are just as many looking for something a little deeper, this is why you are able to choose what you like and also say what you want in your greeting.

Are These Lines Safe and Confidential?

Yes! Your name, number, and location are NEVER revealed on our chatlines as we are highly private and confidential. We value our users like yourself, as well as your private information, and only want you to feel safe and well taken care of when it comes to our dating lines.

We love ‘love’ and only want the best (and fun) for everyone!

However, you are responsible for everything you tell another caller in private or on a private message to them. Please be very careful about the information you give to someone that you are talking to on our site.

Be mindful of the confidential information you decide to tell any caller while conversing with them on our party lines.

While you are on our lines you are safe and your location is never revealed, your number is never given to anyone, but if you take your conversation off our platform you do become more at risk for confidential information being revealed to third parties.

What Do I Do After My Free Trial Is Over?

You have a couple of options once your trial is over, depending on just how the trial went. Did you meet anyone? Dying to reconnect with someone you just talked to or heard the greeting of?

If you want to stay connected, simply stay on the line to speak with someone that will help you move past your trial.

Also, you can revisit the website and try another free trial we offer on the site if you weren’t really digging the one you just used!

Phone Sex or Love on a Party Line

Types of party line conversations.
Types of party line conversations.

You can either find love on a chat hotline or you will have sex on a chat hotline – it’s really up to you and what you want. This is actually why your greeting is so super important too, people hear what you have to say and what you are looking for and then determine what they will say back to you.

If you never mention that you are not looking for a fuck buddy then you might get an inbox full of guys wanting to bone.

If you want to have sex with someone tonight then, by all means, say that in your greeting! No use in leading people on or lying about what you came here for, especially if you might have to pay for it later.

What you want is going to attract those same types of people that are wanting the same thing, so tell ‘em what you want – what you really, really want.

And if that just so happens to be phone sex, say that in your greeting so she knows before connecting live with you and then being surprised!

Feel like you still need some more free time? We might be able to help. Email us!

Ready to have some fun? Great! Call our chat lines now and find the single of your dreams!

About the Author

Thessa Phillips Image

Thessa Phillips is a passionate writer working as a regular content creator for theChatlineNumbers and also has a part-time job at a relationship counseling company in San Francisco, CA. Thessa's passion for writing and experience in the dating industry has led her to create many viral articles on dating tips and tricks. Aside from writing, she loves watching movies and enjoys going to the theater.