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Best 20 Pickup Lines to Use on Tinder That Actually Work

Stay sharp with the 20 best pickup lines to make the most of your Tinder dating experience.

Lea Bennet By Lea Bennet Reviewed by Sarah Hall

Using pickup lines on the internet can be more difficult than in real life. For one thing, you only have written texts to rely on, and you can’t charm people with your looks, your voice or your body language on the internet.

This is particularly true for sites like Tinder and Bumble, where you have to compete with a whole lot of other people also looking for relationships. So if you need help improving your online game then the following tips may be helpful.

Why You Should Use Good Pickup Lines

successful pickup lines
Successful Pickup Lines

Pick-up lines serve three purposes:

  1. They help initiate a pleasant and flirtatious conversation with someone.
  2. They convey your romantic or emotional interest.
  3. They elicit a positive response from the person you’re interested in.

If you can craft or discover a pick-up line that meets these three objectives, you’ll be able to engage with women, even online, in no time.

How to Use Pickup Lines

How to successfully land a pickup line on the internet.
How to successfully land a pickup line on the internet.

Before using pickup lines on dating apps like Bumble or Tinder, keep in mind that context matters. A line that works well in one situation may fall flat in another. What causes chuckles and laughter in one person may make another cringe.

For instance, if a girl has a funny profile, use a line that allows you to talk about her profile. If she’s wearing a pretty dress, use a pickup line that compliments her fashion sense or humorously pokes fun at other women’s clothes.

On the other hand, if you find a girl with a shy or frowning picture, use a line that sparks her interest, such as a quote from a popular movie (e.g. Batman’s “Why So Serious?”).

Always pay attention to the situation and be sensitive to subtle cues. The effectiveness of your chosen pickup lines will depend on your delivery.

Pickup Lines to Use on Tinder

pickup lines confidence
Be confident while you’re using pickup lines

Now that we’ve discussed the appropriate ways to use pickup lines, let’s take a closer look at several effective examples. Here are 20 pickup lines crafted specifically for online dating platforms such as Bumble and Tinder.

1. Nice dog! What’s their name?

This pick-up line is perfect for women who have photos with their furry friends, as there’s a good chance that they love animals. You can use their pet to start a conversation and take things from there. However, if her profile picture features a cat, a bird, or any other animal, you may need to modify the pickup line to reflect the animal in the picture.

2. I am (insert political position). Can you change my mind?

This pickup line is only effective on women who are open about their political beliefs, so use it sparingly, and be prepared to discuss politics if you do. Once you have established a rapport, try to shift the conversation to other topics.

3. Do you believe in love at first swipe?

This pickup line may sound silly, but it can be effective if the woman responds back to you. It’s best suited for women who appreciate straightforward humor, but it may not work on those who prefer more serious conversations.

4. Use an internet meme

You can also use internet memes as pickup lines. For instance, if a girl’s profile picture has a skinny cat, you can ask if she is the owner of “Longcat”. Or, if her photo has a picture of a cheeseburger, you can use the meme “Can I have the cheeseburger” as your pickup line.

5. Use a famous pop culture reference

Some references to popular culture can also make great pickup lines. For instance, if a girl’s profile picture features something from Game of Thrones, you can try calling her Khaleesi. Or if you see Star Wars-related items in her profile picture, you can ask if she’d be interested in riding on your Millennium Falcon.

6. I’ve had a crush on you for the last 30 seconds

Use this line when you meet a girl for the first time. Not only is it flattering, but it’s also straight to the point, which many women appreciate.

7. You’re the pretty one in the picture, right?

This pick-up line is best used when the girl’s profile picture shows her with female friends or family members. By complimenting her as the most attractive one in the photo, you can make her feel special and boost her confidence. Most women appreciate this kind of flattery.

8. I’m a vampire. Raaar

Using this pickup line is risky, but if you can make girls laugh, it may pay off. If you have a good sense of humor, go for it, but if not, it’s best to avoid it.

Additionally, include a fun, yet flattering photo of yourself in a vampire costume on your profile. It’s important to remember that the purpose of the pickup line is to joke around, and not to be taken seriously.

9. I forgot my pick up line or do you know a good pick up line?

If she responds with a pickup line, try using it back on her. If she doesn’t have one, ask her to help you come up with a good one. This can help steer the conversation towards more romantic topics.

10. You look cute. Want to meet up?

This pickup line is a bit risky, but it can be worth it if you use it on the right girl. Some girls are interested in meeting in person, but others are not. If the girl says yes, then you’ve scored a date. If she says no, then it’s best to move on to other options.

11. You’re too pretty for Tinder/Bumble

This is another flattering pickup line, and you should be prepared with a witty follow-through. Women like to be praised but they also want guys to do it in a sincere way. So prepare accordingly.

12. I have a secret to tell you

This pickup line is most effective when you can create an air of mystery and have a good follow-through.

For instance, start with the line, “I have a secret to tell you.” When she asks, “What’s your secret?”, respond with, “I’m secretly in love with you.”

If you have a better follow-up line, feel free to use it, but make sure you keep her engaged in the conversation. It’s essential to strike a balance between being mysterious and exciting.

13. Aren’t you a little young to be on Tinder/Bumble?

This pickup line can be effective on most women in their early twenties because it implies that they look youthful. It’s also a subtle form of compliment.

However, be cautious when using it on women in their thirties as it can come across as insincere flattery. Use this line selectively.

14. You’re not like most girls here, are you?

This pickup line can be effective if you can highlight a woman’s best or most distinctive features. You can mention something in her profile or comment on a photo, so make sure to take the time to get to know her before using this line.

Identify some of her unique and special qualities, so your compliment will be genuine and more likely to get a positive response.

15. Want to Meet Up?

You can use this pick-up line on Tinder and Bumble users who live in the same town as you. It’s a direct approach that some women might appreciate because it’s clear and simple. Even if she rejects your request for a meet-up, you can still chat about other topics.

16. Hey/Hi!

If you want to try a minimalist approach, use this pick-up line. A simple “Hey” may not impress many women in the real world, but the rules are different on dating sites like Tinder and Bumble. After saying “Hey” or “Hi,” most girls will look at your photo and profile. If they like what they see, they’ll likely chat with you.

17. Wanna go for dinner? Let’s go to (mention a well known restaurant)

This pick-up line is effective for women who are interested in going on dates. However, it is essential to prepare your profile beforehand. You need to use a classy picture where you’re wearing a suit and appear successful or wealthy. Otherwise, you might seem like a creep trying to lure women online. Therefore, prepare accordingly.

18. Quote certain parts of her profile

If you come across a girl with a charming or witty profile, try quoting the interesting parts to her and adding your own comment or two. For example, if her profile says “Enjoying Spaghetti”, you could write something like “Enjoying Spaghetti – I can’t say no to a good bowl of pasta either!” This approach can work well because you’re showing that you’re interested in what she has to say and making a connection based on shared interests.

19. Nice hair

This pickup line works best on women with unique or intricate hairstyles. Compliments are always appreciated, and there’s a good chance that they’ll respond positively if you have something nice to say about their hair.

20. Want to hear something silly?

Use this pickup line on a girl who appears to have a sense of humor. When she asks you what this ‘silly’ thing is, respond with a corny or silly pickup line. If she responds with a “lol” or something similar, reply by saying “I told you it was silly” and take it from there.

About the Author

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Lea Bennett earned her degree in Psychology and has since specialized in relationship interactions. She is widely recognized as the creator of the official ChatlineNumbers, a private phone line service that has helped singles in North America interact and connect since the 2000s. In her free time, she enjoys playing sports, writing, and has a passion for programming.