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How to Get a Girl to Like You

by Sharon Riley

As men, we know how frustrating it is to like a woman when she doesn’t even pay attention to you or bother to get to know you, let alone learn your name. All you want is for her to notice you so you can get her to like you. We’re going to discuss how to get her to start liking you and, at the very least, get to know you better.

Tips for How to Get a Girl to Like You

Tips for getting her to like you.
Tips for getting her to like you.

Before diving into what steps you should follow to get her to like you, keep all of these tips in mind to ensure she will like you.

Make her laugh.

If she’s laughing, she’s having a good time. Don’t be afraid to be goofy around her and tell her jokes to make her laugh. A girl will always like it if someone can make her laugh.

Impress her.

Don’t overdo it, and don’t show off, but impress her when you can. Some girls are easier to impress than others, so don’t be disappointed if she’s not impressed by what you thought would do it. You can try things like sharing some of your achievements when it seems appropriate to bring that up in a conversation, being extra attentive towards her, or treating her to dinner.

Since you’re just friends and she doesn’t know that you like her just yet, she will think those things are super sweet and be impressed by your actions.

Pay attention to what she likes.

You can win her heart if you know what she likes. Girls love when you surprise them by showing that you are paying attention to the little things about them, such as what she likes. This will be very helpful when trying to get her to like you.

Use all of your knowledge about her to your advantage. For example, if at some point she shared that she likes a certain food, when you’re going on one on one dates, take her somewhere they serve that food and make it known that you took her there because you remember her telling you that she likes that.

Clean up your appearance.

Basic hygiene is key when getting a girl to like you. You should make sure you are as clean as possible when you see her. Take a shower, shave, make sure your breath smells good, and wear clean clothes whenever you see the girl you want to get to like you.

Find things you have in common.

The best way to form a bond with someone and eventually have a deeper connection is to find things you have in common. You might share common interests such as the same favorite movies, bands, or maybe even hobbies. Once you figure out what you have in common, you can also use this to inspire future plans.

For example, if you both love the same band, you can go to a concert together. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have many of the same interests. Although it may be harder to figure out what activities to do with each other because you can’t base it on common interests, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get her to like you. Sometimes opposites attract even more.

Be interesting.

Avoid coming off as boring. Even if you don’t have a lot going on, highlight the most interesting things about you. Talk about your hobbies, things you enjoy doing, interesting past experiences, etc. Avoid over exaggerating something just to seem more interesting, and whatever you do, don’t lie.

Even if you tend to simpler things and think that you’re not the most interesting person, don’t lie about it and don’t make things up just so she thinks you’re more interesting. This could be a problem in the future, and you want to get her to like the real you.

Make sure you’re in a good mood.

We all have bad days, and they are usually unpredictable, however, you want to make sure you are in the best mood whenever you hang out with her because your goal is to get her to like you.

Everyone likes being with happy, positive, and uplifting people, so if you can let that part of you really show when you spend time with her, it will make her want to be around you more, allowing you to have more time together to form a connection.

Give her your full attention.

Whenever you spend time with her, you want to make sure you give her your undivided attention, especially when you choose to tell her you to have feelings for her. Avoid being on your phone or other distractions so she feels that you value the time you spend with her and so she knows you listen to her and care about what she says when she is talking to you.

It’s easy to gravitate towards your phone when you’re nervous, and it wouldn’t be surprising to feel nervous around the girl you like, so be especially conscious about that.

Steps to Get a Girl to Like You

Steps to get her to like you.
Steps to get her to like you.

1. Change your mindset.

You have to believe it to achieve it. Find a way to increase your self-confidence, and don’t be embarrassed by yourself. When trying to get her to like you, remember that she might be shy or put a brave face on and act like she doesn’t care about anyone or anything, but it’s the complete opposite.

So don’t give up if she comes off this way, and embrace your personality, letting it shine when you’re trying to get her to like you because that’s what will win her over.

2. Get to know her circle.

Although it doesn’t guarantee you becoming friends with her friends, it can definitely help. If you’re friends with her friends, she is more likely to trust you faster and feel more comfortable around you because people she knows and is close with hanging out with you.

If you can’t become part of the friend group, try to be at least friendly with her social circle when you have the chance, so she notices that you care to get along with them. She will appreciate this, and it will increase the chance of getting her to like you.

3. Approach her in a friendly way.

Don’t be too overwhelming when you interact with her. When you’re first hanging out with the girl you like, try to make the conversation flow and make it fun. Don’t be too direct about how you feel just yet. You’re still getting to know her, and it may come off as too much too soon, scaring her away.

Remember, you might know things about her because she’s been on your mind, but she’s just starting to get to know you. So keep yourself calm and collected, maintaining a fun and friendly energy to get her to like you. After hanging out with her a few times, you can try to make it more noticeable that you like her and receive more attention from her.

4. Go out together.

The first few times you go out together, make sure you plan to go to public events. This could be something like a concert, the movies, or another activity you think she might enjoy where it’s not just the two of you forced to talk the whole time. This will make it less noticeable that you like her right away, and it will allow you to form a friendship and let her get to know you a little bit first.

5. Tell her.

After going out several times and becoming friends, if she hasn’t mentioned anything about it, it’s time for you to tell her how you feel. Remember, it’s important to be clear and direct and reassure her that you value her friendship but feel like you have developed stronger feelings towards her.

6. Wait for a response.

Typically, if she doesn’t respond immediately after telling a girl you like her, she needs time to think about it. If you notice that she texts or calls you more frequently after you tell her how you feel, it’s a good sign. She might just be shy, or she doesn’t know how to tell you she likes you.

If she’s being unresponsive, wait a week and bring it up. Ask her how she feels about it, and remind her that your friendship comes first, and it’s okay if she doesn’t feel the same way.

7. Don’t change anything.

If she didn’t respond positively, then simply continue with the way things were. You never know, she could change her mind once she has a chance to really let it sink in that you have feelings for her or once she gets to know you even more.


Although it may seem like a difficult task to get her to like you, if you know what to do, you will be able to get her to like you with success. Keep in mind all of the tips mentioned above, such as making her laugh, giving her your full attention, or finding things you have in common when you’re trying to get her to like you to make the process smoother.

Then all you need to do is follow the steps we recommend to get her to like you, and she will be falling for you before you know it.

About the Author

Sharon Riley Image

Sharon Riley is a very talented junior content creator. She has brilliant topic ideas and content to share with the readers on our platform. She is currently studying communications at USF (University of San Francisco), and in her free time, she enjoys researching and writing relationship-related content. When she's not in class or writing, Sharon loves listening to music, rollerblading, and browsing her social media.