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Is She Wifey Material?

Sarah Hall By Sarah Hall

It can be hard to distinguish between seeing a future with someone, wanting a future with someone, and determining if this person is someone you can have a future with. Your ideal partner will be wifey material, and we’ll help you find out if she is below.

What Is Wife Material?

When someone uses the term’ wife material’, it means that the person they are describing with this term possesses the qualities of a wife. Not everyone is ready to be a wife, but if you’re wife material, you’re more than ready.

Signs That She Is Wife Material

Woman smiling.
Signs she clearly is wifey material.

1. Her vision of the future aligns with yours.

This is the most important sign to look for because if you want her to be the person you can spend the rest of your life with, her vision of the future must align with yours. It’s important to talk about what you want with your partner to determine if you both want the same things. If she’s wifey material, she will have similar dreams regarding family life, where you’ll live, and how you’ll live together.

2. She cares about you.

Someone who is temporary may or may not truly care about you, but someone who is wife material cares deeply about you. She will always make sure you are okay, and she cares about how you feel so much that she probably puts your feelings before her own.

Someone who is wifey material not only cares about you but shows you she cares about you in many ways. Not only do you feel cared for by her, but you feel loved by her because of this.

3. She fulfills your relationship needs.

Everyone has different needs in their relationship, and it has a lot to do with which love language you identify with the most. You might need to spend quality time with her to feel loved, or perhaps you seek more physical affection.

Whichever it is, she knows how to make you feel loved, and how to fulfill your relationship needs. You may have had girlfriends in the past who tried to do this, but the one who is wifey material will be the one who does this effortlessly, and without complaining.

4. She understands you.

If she’s wifey material, she just gets you. There is no easier way to say it. She simply understands you better than anyone else, even better than your closest friends. You have a connection with her unlike any other, and you get her too.

5. You’re on the same page.

It’s important to be on the same page when you’re trying to figure out if she’s wifey material. This doesn’t just mean that your ideas of the future align, it also means that you’re in similar stages of life, or ready to take the same steps together. When you’re looking for the right person to spend the rest of your life with, it’s important that you’re ready to go hand in hand with each other through life.

6. You’re attracted to everything about her.

There will be people who you like certain things about, but you’re not crazy about others. When you’ve found the girl who is wifey material, you’ll know because you’ll be attracted to everything about her. Not only do you find her beautiful, but you think her personality is just as amazing, and you’re in love with everything about her.

7. She gets along with your family.

It’s important for your partner to get along with your family, and if she does, then she’s probably wifey material. She doesn’t just get along with them, she enjoys spending quality time with them, and she might even spend time with them without you present because she feels like they are already her family too. If you notice that, it’s a good sign that she’s wife material.

8. She makes you happy.

Someone who is wifey material is someone who makes you happy just by smiling at you. Her happiness is contagious, and whenever you’re with her, you feel good. When you’re having a bad day, she knows how to make it better because she makes you happy and knows how to do it.

9. She’s easy to be with.

You can be in a good relationship but struggle to be with that person. There can be lots of arguments, difficulty understanding each other, or lack of compromise when trying to fix a problem. These things can make it difficult to sustain a relationship with your partner and make it difficult to be with them in general.

The woman who is wifey material won’t bring these issues to the relationship. She will be easy to be with, and when problems arise, she will work through them with you.

10. You can never spend enough time with her.

They say time apart from each other and giving each other space is good for the relationship, but spending too much time apart from her doesn’t make either of you feel very good. You both thrive doing things together and spending time with each other, and it’s because she’s wifey material.

11. She supports you.

Something that makes her wife material is her ability to support you through anything. She is always there for you and she’s always cheering you on no matter what. She might not always agree with what you are doing, or be excited about it, but she’ll always support you if something is important to you.

When she’s not wifey material, if she doesn’t agree with what you are doing, she’ll put her feelings first, and she won’t support you no matter how important it is to you.

12. You can trust her.

Even if you’re a jealous person, when it comes to her, you know you can trust her. She’s never put you in a situation where you’ve had to doubt her loyalty, and you know that she would never do anything to hurt you or damage your relationship. You can trust her in all aspects, including keeping your secrets.

13. You can work through problems.

Even if she is wife material, every relationship has ups and downs, and all couples face problems. What makes her wifey material is how she contributes to solving whatever problem you’re facing. Some people walk away or feed the fire and make the problem worse.

With someone who is wife material, you can work through any problem. You listen to each other, respect each other, and work together to find solutions.

Signs She Isn’t Wife Material

Woman watching the sunset.
Signs that she is not wife material.

1. She picks fights.

If she’s picking fights just because or she tends to extend fights or make them worse, she’s not wife material. Someone who is wifey material tries to solve problems and avoid fights, not the opposite.

2. She doesn’t respect you.

For someone to be wife material, she has to show she respects you and your choices. She doesn’t try to overstep or impose on your decisions that have nothing to do with her.

3. She doesn’t want long-term commitment.

If the woman you’re with isn’t interested in a long-term commitment with you, she clearly isn’t wife material. Someone who is wifey material is looking forward to marriage and building a future with you.

4. She doesn’t care about your interests.

If your interests don’t interest her, she doesn’t care about it, and that’s not descriptive of someone who is wifey material.


  • Is every woman wife material? No, not every woman is wife material. It can be difficult to find the one who is wife material, but you might also be lucky enough to find several women who are wife material.
  • If she’s wife material, will she want to become my wife? No. Just because she’s wife material doesn’t mean she will want to become your wife. Some women don’t want to get married, or she might be wife material, but you might not be husband material.
  • Is wife material a compliment? Yes and no. In general, it’s not really a compliment, but some women take it as a compliment, especially if they hope to get married one day and strive to be a good wife to their husband.
  • Can someone be wife material to another person? Yes. She might not be wifey material for you, but for another person that matches her personality, she could be. Just because she’s not wifey material in your relationship, doesn’t mean she never will be.
  • Can someone become wifey material if they are not? Yes. It is possible that she’s not wifey material because she’s not ready to be. She might be in a stage where she’s not mature enough or simply prioritizes other things. She might not be with the right person to bring that out of her. Whichever the reason may be, it doesn’t mean that she will never be wifey material, she can still become wifey material.


Not every woman you are with is wife material; perhaps the woman you think is the one is wife material, but she won’t marry you. It’s no guarantee she will become your wife, just because she is wife material, but it’s good to know what signs to look out for to better identify someone you could potentially spend the rest of your life with.

About the Author

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Sarah has been writing since 2016, taking after her parents' literary passions that inspired her even at a young age. She holds a degree in Psychology, which has aided her writing career by enabling her to understand others and approach them more effectively. Currently, she serves as an Editorial Writer for Chat Line Numbers, contributing to the blog with insightful articles and thought-provoking content. In addition to writing and Psychology, she enjoys playing tennis on the weekends.