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19 Signs of Chemistry Between Two People

Chemistry is important for a healthy and lasting relationship. Determine if there is chemistry in your relationship.

Lea Bennet By Lea Bennet Reviewed by Esther Evans

If you’ve been feeling butterflies when you’re with that special someone, or you can’t help but smile around them, you probably have chemistry with them. Keep reading below to discover more signs of chemistry between you two.

1. You can’t stop looking at each other.

When you have chemistry with someone, you can’t take your eyes off each other. Even when you’re not trying to look at them, making eye contact is inevitable. It never feels uncomfortable, nor does it feel like they’re weirdly staring at you. It feels more like a connection happening; that’s the chemistry between you.

2. You feel something whenever you touch.

There are times when you’ll accidentally touch, or he’ll walk past you, and even though the touch is minimal, you feel something. If that causes you to feel a certain way or feel butterflies, that’s because there’s chemistry between the two of you. It’s not something that happens if just anyone happens to brush against you or casually touch you.

3. They always make you smile.

When there is chemistry between two people, they’ll always be smiling when they’re together. It’s not just one person making the other person smile, it’s mutual. The smiles are contagious, as are the laughs. If you have chemistry with this person, you’ll always feel happy around them, simply because they make you smile, even if you’re having a bad day.

4. They’re energy is contagious.

Whether they’re feeling good or bad, their energy is contagious. This means that when they’re having the best day, and their mood is the best it could be, yours is too. Their happiness makes you happy instantly, and you share the good mood with them. However, if they’re having a bad day, it could affect your mood negatively. This isn’t necessarily bad, it just means you are so connected that the other’s mood and energy can influence yours. This is normal for two people who have a lot of chemistry.

5. You can feel when they’re nearby.

Having chemistry with someone means you’re very connected to them, apart from all the signs we’ve listed. A strong connection means you can feel when they’re close. An invisible string connects you to each other, and if they’re close by, you’ll probably think about them, or you might be inclined to text them at that very moment.

6. You feel like you’ve known them for a long time.

There is no doubt that when you have chemistry with someone, it feels like you have known each other forever. Even if you just met and know nothing about them, it doesn’t feel like that. Of course, you don’t really know everything about them, and having chemistry doesn’t make you a mind reader, but you feel like they’re not a stranger. You feel more comfortable around them than other people you just met and feel like you can instantly trust them.

7. You wish they were there when they’re not.

If you have a lot of chemistry with someone, you will always want to be around them. You vibe well together, and you just feel better when you get to spend more time with them. You want to bring them along to everything, not because you need them there, but because you enjoy sharing what you do with them. If they’re not around or one of you has to miss something, you both wish you could be there with each other.

8. You feel a spark between the two of you.

Have you ever heard someone say that they felt a spark with someone? You’re probably experiencing that feeling you wondered about, and that’s because you have chemistry with this person. It’s not quite like feeling butterflies, but you feel something there whenever you’re with the other person. You just connect with each other.

9. Time flies when you’re with them.

Couple hugging each other.

You could be together for minutes, and it feels like seconds, or hours, and it feels like minutes. Time flies by when you’re together because of how well you get along and how much you enjoy each other’s company. This can only happen if there’s chemistry between the two of you.

10. You can’t wait to see them again.

Because of how fast time flies when you’re together, you can’t wait until the next time you get to see them. It’s both good and bad that you feel this way due to the chemistry you have because it’s great when you finally get to see each other, but a struggle when it’s time to say goodbye. Having chemistry is a great sign that there could be something wonderful in store for the two of you, but it comes with some struggles.

11. You’re naturally flirty with each other.

You may or may not be flirty people, but with each other, there’s a natural banter, and you’re flirting with each other even when you don’t notice you are. Everyone around you is probably sick of listening to the two of you; that’s a good sign there’s something there, and your flirtiness is because of your chemistry.

12. You forget about everything when you’re together.

It’s like the rest of the world doesn’t exist when you’re with them. If you are stressed, worried, or anxious about something, all those feelings go away too. When you’re together, they are your only focus, captivating you completely because of the chemistry you share.

13. You fidget with your hair a lot.

It might sound silly, but when you start fidgeting with things more, such as your hair or touching your face more, it indicates that you are nervous around this person and like them and that there is chemistry between the two of you.

14. You notice the little things about them.

Being really interested in someone or detail-oriented isn’t enough to be hyper-aware of the little things about them. If you realize someone is picking up on even the smallest details about you and they’re always paying attention, this is a great sign of chemistry between you. You may also notice that you know more about them than anyone else because the same thing is happening to you, and you’re paying close attention to all the little things about them.

15. You’re comfortable around them.

You can be the most extroverted person, but that doesn’t mean you’ll feel comfortable around everybody. To feel truly comfortable around someone, there has to be a lot of trust involved, and usually, you have to know this person for a while. This isn’t the case when you’re with someone you have chemistry with. You’ll feel comfortable around them from day one because they get you.

16. You feel butterflies.

This is the most common sign people look for when they want to know if they have chemistry with someone. When you’re younger, it’s probably the easiest sign to identify because it’s not just an emotion, it’s something you can literally feel inside. Feeling butterflies will always be the sign most people feel first when they share a lot of chemistry with someone.

17. You’re infatuated with them.

When you are infatuated with someone, you are very passionate about them and feel very strongly for them very quickly. This can happen when you don’t have chemistry with someone, but most often, if you are infatuated with someone, there is chemistry there. It’s easier and more likely for you to confuse chemistry with infatuation, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll realize you’re feeling this way because of your chemistry.

18. You get each other.

When you have chemistry with someone, you just get each other. Sometimes with other people, you really have to make an effort to understand each other, but with someone you share chemistry with, you don’t even have to try. It just happens. It’s natural, and you don’t have to force it. You understand each other better than anyone else.

19. You tease each other.

A typical sign that you have chemistry with someone is the ability and fun you can have teasing each other. It’s like your second language, and it could even be your way of flirting with each other. Others might not understand, but you have fun doing this.

In conclusion, there are many signs you can look out for if you’re wondering whether or not you have chemistry with someone. Usually, if you’re asking yourself that question, it’s because you’ve been feeling some of the things we mentioned above or noticed some of them.

Don’t be afraid of discovering the chemistry you share with someone. The more chemistry you share, the better your relationship could be, and the easier it will be to understand each other. Sometimes it can take time to find your groove and discover the chemistry you share with your partner, but don’t let that hold you back.

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Lea Bennett earned her degree in Psychology and has since specialized in relationship interactions. She is widely recognized as the creator of the official ChatlineNumbers, a private phone line service that has helped singles in North America interact and connect since the 2000s. In her free time, she enjoys playing sports, writing, and has a passion for programming.