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How to Tell Someone That You Like Them

Are you ready to confess your feelings to someone? Let’s show you how to do it.

Alex Smith By Alex Smith Reviewed by Esther Evans

When you have feelings for someone, it’s natural to feel anxious about telling them. However, there’s often a deep desire to express your emotions for that person. Keeping your feelings a secret can seem like a weight you’re ready to let go. To learn the best way to let someone know you like them, continue reading below.

5 Reasons to Express Your Feelings to Someone

Confessing feelings to someone.

1. To start a relationship with them.

The most common reason for sharing your feelings with someone is to begin a relationship. If you feel ready and have a strong desire to tell them, it’s probably because you want more than just dating. You’re prepared to be in a relationship and explore the possibilities between you both.

2. To prevent regrets from not telling them.

Another reason you might want to let someone know you like them is to prevent the feeling of wondering what could have happened if you had been bold enough to share your emotions. You don’t want to regret not having the courage to express your feelings.

Sharing your feelings with someone can be intimidating, but if you feel driven to take the risk and tell them, it’s better to go for it and avoid regrets later on.

3. To prevent someone else stepping in before you.

Although it may not happen often, there can be times when you feel you need to compete with someone else for the person you like. You might find out that another person is also interested in the same person, and both of you have a similar connection with them.

In such cases, you might want to take a brave step, stand out from the other person, and be the first to share your feelings. Doing so can help you avoid putting the person you like in a position where they have to choose between the two of you.

4. Because you think they already knows.

You might be in a situation where you’ve been giving subtle hints to someone for a while, and you suspect they already know you like them. If you think they’re aware of your feelings but not taking action, you may start to feel a strong desire to tell them how you feel.

They could also like you back but be hesitant to share their feelings because they’re unsure if you like them in return, and they don’t want to risk feeling embarrassed or rejected. Don’t hesitate to take the initiative and make the first move.

5. To relieve pressure.

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes you may confide in the wrong people, and someone else might find out that you like someone before you’re ready to tell them yourself. They may even attempt to embarrass you by revealing your feelings to the person before you’re prepared to explore things further with them.

In such a scenario, you may feel pressured to tell the person how you feel because you don’t want them to hear it from someone else. You want this to be a special moment between the two of you, not something that someone else ruins for you.

9 Tips on Telling Someone You Like Them

Man telling woman that he likes her.

1. Prepare topics to talk about before telling them.

It’s not typical to suddenly share your feelings with someone out of nowhere. It’s also not something you should say as soon as you see them. You need to ease into the conversation and prepare yourself beforehand. Before you meet up, think of some topics that can help warm up the conversation.

You could talk about a fun experience you had together in the past, discuss shared interests, or simply express how much you enjoy spending time with them. These topics will get them in the right mood and mindset to listen to what you have to say.

If you bring up your feelings unexpectedly, they might be surprised and unsure of how to respond. However, if you get them thinking about your shared experiences and subtly introduce the idea of liking each other, they’ll be more receptive to the conversation and more open to the possibilities of what could happen between you both.

2. Get into the right mindset, be direct.

It’s not only important to get them into the right mindset for the conversation and to receive this information, but it’s also crucial that you get yourself into the right mindset and approach the conversation with confidence and directness. Be clear and upfront about your feelings for them; beating around the bush can create confusion and misunderstandings.

Never assume they understand what you’re trying to say when it comes to a serious topic like this. It’s better to clearly state that you have feelings for them and that you like them.

3. Be aware of the possible outcomes.

Understand that there’s a slight chance they might not feel the same way, and that’s okay. This doesn’t mean you need to be negative about it or set yourself up for failure, but be aware of the possibility. This awareness allows you to consider how you will handle the situation if it arises, helping you remain composed even if you feel disappointed inside.

4. Plan something to do together.

Now that you’re ready to tell them you like them, and you know you need to be direct and are aware of the possible outcomes, plan something to do together. Find a reason to see them, as it’s best to avoid having this conversation over the phone if possible.

Choose an activity that allows you to talk to each other, and avoid events like concerts or movies where you can only chat for a short amount of time afterward.

5. Enjoy what you’re doing together.

Even if you’re nervous about telling them, unsure how it’ll go, or maybe overthinking it, enjoy your time with the person. Try to live in the moment and savor what you’re doing together. By focusing on the present, you’ll be in a better mood when it’s time to share your feelings and feel less scared or nervous.

6. Save 30 minutes of the time you have together at the end.

It’s essential to reserve some time at the end of your activity for this conversation. Keep in mind that if they like you back, you may want to spend more time together because you’ll both be excited. It’s a good idea to prepare for both outcomes so that you’re not left feeling down if it doesn’t go well, and so that you get to spend more time with them if it does.

Consider planning a solo activity or selecting a movie you’re eager to watch to take your mind off things if they don’t feel the same way. Also, ensure you have time afterward in case it goes well, so you don’t miss the chance to extend the conversation. Be prepared for all possible outcomes.

7. Be direct, and keep the conversation on track.

Not only is it important to be direct when expressing your feelings, but also to keep the conversation focused so you don’t accidentally get sidetracked and miss the point of the discussion. Don’t let your nerves find excuses to divert their attention from what you want to tell them.

8. Make it clear why you want them to know.

When you tell them, share why you’re disclosing this information now. Especially if you’re interested in pursuing a serious relationship, try saying something like, ‘I have feelings for you, I really like you, and I’d like to explore that if you feel the same.’ This approach provides a good starting point for them to share their thoughts and feelings too.

9. Give them time if they need it.

Don’t be overly insistent if you don’t get a response right away. Some people need a bit of time to process information of this magnitude. This isn’t a bad thing, as it means they don’t take relationships lightly. If their answer wasn’t immediately positive or negative, and therefore not very indicative of their thoughts, you simply need to be patient and wait for them to figure it out.

Telling someone you like them can be challenging, but the outcome can also be very rewarding. Just remember, during the conversation, to be direct, clearly express your feelings, and be prepared for both positive and negative outcomes so you’re not as fearful of taking the leap.

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