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How to Sound Sexy Over the Phone

Learn how to sound sexy over the phone with our 8 simple tips.

Sharon Riley By Sharon Riley Reviewed by Lea Bennet

Have you ever asked yourself what you could do to sound sexier when talking to someone special on the phone? Below, we’ve gathered our best tips and tricks so you can enjoy all the sexy phone calls you desire. It might take some time and practice, but you can learn to sound sexy on the phone.

What Does a Sexy Voice Sound Like?

If you’re trying to sound sexy, you first need to figure out what a sexy voice sounds like. This means understanding not only what sounds sexy to you, but also considering what the person you’re speaking to finds sexy. Use this to your advantage.

There are certain tones that universally sound sexy, but you can make the phone call experience even sexier by personalizing it with some of their turn-ons. Maybe they’re more turned on by a baby voice than a deeper tone. Figure out these details to take your phone call to another level.

8 Tips to Sound Sexy Over the Phone

Lady smiling.
8 Tips to get better at sounding sexy over the phone.

1. Whisper.

A lower volume is generally interpreted as more mysterious, flirtier, and sexier. You don’t want to whisper like you’re telling a secret, you want to whisper in a slower, calm tone. It’s important to get your whisper right. This is something that you want to practice so it doesn’t sound so forced, and it comes out very naturally.

2. Speak in a sweet tone.

You might not only want to sound mysterious, and you don’t want your mysterious whisper to come off as strange, so you want to add some sweetness to it. Perhaps you’re speaking to someone who doesn’t care for whispering. In that case, cut it out completely and focus on speaking sweetly.

You don’t have to say sweet things; you should focus on sounding sweet. To do this, aim for a happy and uplifting voice and possibly speak in a slightly higher tone.

3. Talk slowly.

Speed is everything. People who speak fast can sound stressful, which can be unpleasant when trying to have a sexier experience. Slow down your pace and be conscious of how fast you’re talking throughout the conversation, as it’s very easy to speed up as you get further into the conversation.

4. Be flirty.

If you want to sound sexy on the phone, don’t just speak at a lower volume or at a slower pace; be flirty while doing these things. The key to sounding sexy on the phone is combining everything we’ve mentioned in this list. This approach will help you become a pro at sounding sexy on the phone.

5. Speak confidently.

Confidence is sexy. You don’t want to sound like you’re second-guessing yourself when trying to sound sexy. Make sure you’re confident in what you’ll say, and maintain that confidence throughout the entire phone call. Remember, there’s nothing less appealing than someone who lacks confidence, especially in these situations.

6. Play into a fantasy.

To sound sexier, consider playing into a fantasy of theirs. Spend a moment teasing them to find out what they’re attracted to, what they like, and what kinds of fantasies they have.

By focusing on playing into a fantasy, you can shift your attention from how your voice sounds to what you’re saying. Once you’re engaged, start focusing on your voice as well to enhance the experience even more.

7. Feel sexy.

Feeling sexy is key to sounding sexy. Change into an outfit that makes you feel good and confident. This can help you embrace your sexy side and sound more appealing on the phone.

It can also influence what you say. Use this to your advantage by describing your outfit to the person on the other end, further enhancing their experience.

8. Imitate a sexy actress.

Some people find it easier to sound sexy by drawing inspiration from a movie character. Choose a sexy movie and imitate the actress who you think sounds the sexiest.

Use her as your inspiration when you’re trying to sound sexy on the phone. Mimic some of the things she says and try to pronounce words similarly to how she does.

Tips to Sound Sexier on the Phone

Lady taking a phone call.
Tips to sound sexy over the phone.

We’ve covered how you can sound sexier on the phone, but here are more tips to help you sound even sexier without finding it difficult during your phone calls.

1. Evaluate your voice.

You’ve learned what a sexy voice sounds like, so the next step is to analyze your own. It’s important because you’ll want to highlight certain features of your voice that work in your favor, while adjusting others to enhance your sexiness. For example, a naturally deep voice lends itself well to speaking slowly, yet may struggle with sweeter tones.

Embrace your voice’s strengths, and concentrate on those elements rather than attempting to force your voice into something it isn’t. This approach will simplify sounding sexy on the phone.

2. Record yourself talking.

Try recording one of your phone calls to check how you sounded. When you’re in the moment, you’re often focused more on what to say rather than how you’re saying it, especially if you’re a bit nervous. By recording yourself, you can listen later to pinpoint the aspects of your voice you like, and those you think could use some work.

3. Speak clearly.

Even if you’re changing your voice’s pitch to sound sexier, clarity is crucial. Don’t let your enunciation suffer to sound a certain way. It won’t be sexy if the other person constantly asks you to repeat yourself or clarify your words.


  • When do you want to sound sexy on the phone? You’ll likely want to sound sexy on the phone when talking to your boyfriend, meeting someone new on chat lines, or flirting with a person you’re interested in or already dating. The level of sexiness can be casual or intense, tailored to the person you’re speaking with.
  • Can everyone sound sexy on the phone? Yes, anyone can sound sexy on the phone. It might be awkward or uncomfortable at first, especially if you don’t usually feel sexy, but that’s exactly why this guide exists. With some practice, anyone can master sounding sexy. Just relax, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and let your sexy sideshow.
  • How can I get better at sounding sexy over the phone? Practice is essential. Everyone has a sexy side, but for some, it may be harder to express. If you’re not yet confident in sounding sexy, don’t worry. Practicing will improve your ability. One effective way to practice is by calling chat lines, where you can interact with strangers who won’t judge you and whom you don’t have to talk to again if you don’t want to.
  • What if I feel uncomfortable trying to sound sexy on a phone call? Feeling uncomfortable is likely because sexy phone conversations are unfamiliar to you, or maybe you haven’t yet learned how to sound sexy on the phone. That’s completely okay; practice is the solution. As you practice, you’ll become more comfortable and better at sounding sexy on the phone.

You might not have a naturally sexy voice, and that’s okay. The information we’ve provided above is here to help you learn to sound sexier on the phone. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not immediately perceived as sexy on your first try.

It often takes a few attempts to find your groove and reach the level of sexiness you’re aiming for. Just keep practicing. Use chat lines to practice with various callers until you feel confident in your sexy phone voice.

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