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How to Ignore Someone

by Sarah Hall

Sometimes there are people in our lives that are doing things that are impacting us negatively, and we need to take a step back from them to feel better. A good way to do that without completely throwing away your friendship with them is just to ignore them so you can have some distance. Below you’ll learn how you can ignore someone to accomplish what you want.

Why You’d Like to Ignore Someone

Woman smiling.
Reasons you might want to ignore someone.

He likes you, and you don’t like him.

When someone has feelings for you, but you don’t have feelings for him, you usually want that person to leave you alone and not cling to you. A good way to get rid of him, and get him away from you for good, is to ignore him. If he doesn’t receive attention, he’ll likely get bored and go away.

He disappointed you.

You might be ignoring someone because he disappointed you, and you’re upset with him. You might not be ready to talk about the situation or deal with things, so you ignore him until you feel ready to address things.

He lied to you.

If he lied to you, you’re probably really angry about it. Whether he came to you and told you the truth or you had to discover it on your own, it makes you unhappy that he lied to you, and out of anger, you ignore him. When someone is angry, it’s normal for them to ignore the person who made them feel that way until the negative emotion has passed.

He’s a negative influence.

If he’s not a good person or a negative influence in your life, it wouldn’t be odd for you to ignore him. He’s not bringing good into your life, and you don’t really want him to be present in your life for this reason, so you choose to ignore him to play it safe.

He’s only interested in what benefits him.

He’s only being your friend because he knows it’s in his best interest and simply the most convenient thing for him. He calls you because he knows you’re going to get him places he can’t get to on his own or because you’re going to offer to pay. He’s only taking advantage of you, and when you figure that out, it’s understandable that you will want to ignore him.

He’s giving you weird vibes.

You ignore him because something about him rubs you the wrong way or just seems off. There’s nothing that’s necessarily wrong with him, but because you’re not 100% comfortable with him, you rather keep some distance, and to do so, you choose to ignore him.

He doesn’t respect you.

If he doesn’t respect you or what you’ve been communicating to him, the best thing to do is to ignore him. Getting closer to him is not recommendable, and it’s best that you establish certain boundaries with him. Ignoring him is a good first step in doing so.

How to Ignore Someone

Whatever your reason may be for wanting to ignore someone, these are the things you’re going to want to do to successfully ignore someone.

Mute phone calls and text messages from his phone number.

You want to avoid all contact with him if you really want to ignore him. Don’t let him have a way to reach you. If he already has your number, mute his phone calls, so you’re not tempted to answer. Block him if you have a hard time ignoring him because you can’t help but answer. Do whatever it takes to stop being in contact and to avoid him having a way to reach you.

With the technology available nowadays, there are many platforms that he could reach you on and many ways he can get a hold of you if he really wants to. This is why the best thing to do is to mute or block him, so he can’t contact you, regardless of how badly he wants you to.

This can be hard to do, but sometimes the best thing to do is to cut out the people that are related to him from your life. It’s challenging because they didn’t do anything to you directly, but if you don’t want to risk seeing him or him having a way to reach you despite having blocked him, then you want to distance yourself from any friends you may have in common.

It wouldn’t be odd for him to ask his friends to deliver certain messages to you or tell you something on his behalf. So even if you think ignoring him is enough, that’s not always the case. Sometimes you must ignore all of his friends and any family you may have had contact with to make sure you get rid of him.

Confront his intentions.

If he is persistent in getting your attention, and he seems desperate for it, there could be a more serious reason why he hasn’t given up despite ignoring him for so long. If you really think there’s something else going on, consider talking to one of his friends to find out what’s going on so that you don’t have to confront him directly.

Then, depending on the situation, you can confront him personally or continue ignoring him. If you confront him directly from the start, it could all just be a mimic to get you to stop ignoring him.

This is why it’s better to go through a third party, the closer they are to you and not to him, despite being his friend too, the better. That way, you can make sure they’re not going to bring it up to him if you ask them not to.

Use your body language.

Your body language can help you a lot in this situation. You can most definitely convey the message of ignoring him with your body language in very simple ways. You need to make sure that your body language makes you seem uninterested in him. You want to face away with him at all times and make yourself seem closed off.

This makes you seem unapproachable, and that sends the message that you don’t want to interact with him, and then he can hopefully take the hint that you are ignoring him and that you don’t want him to give you attention.

If you weren’t like this and you were facing him the whole time and had more open and friendly body language, he wouldn’t understand that you’re not interested in socializing with him. This is why body language can be very important and play a big role in ignoring someone.

Avoid making eye contact.

This goes along with the previously mentioned point of using your body language. Eye contact is very important when you’re talking with someone because it shows that you are engaging in the conversation with them even if you are not talking at that moment, and it shows that you are a good listener and that they have your attention.

When you’re ignoring someone, you want them to feel the opposite and not get the vibes that you care about what they’re saying and want to listen. So make sure you avoid eye contact with them, so you don’t send the wrong message.

Change your routine.

If the person you’re trying to ignore knows you really well, you might want to change things up and try changing your routine a little bit. This way, they won’t know exactly what you’re up to or where they can find you, and you’ll be harder to interact with.

Distance yourself.

Do your best to distance yourself. Don’t reach out to them for anything, even if you really need a favor and they’re the only ones who can help you with that, avoid reaching out and find another way to get what you want. If you do reach out and you fail at distancing yourself, it could cause a major setback, and all of the effort you put into getting him to start forgetting about you and leaving you alone could have been for nothing.

Repeat the steps for a month.

Repeat these steps for at least a month, and the person that won’t leave you alone will no longer be interested in you. It takes some time for them to rewire their interests, lose interest in you, and forget their bad habit of constantly wanting your attention.

A month may seem like a long time, but in reality, it’s very necessary for them to forget about you completely. Even then, in some cases, one month isn’t enough, but in most, it is.

What to Do if Ignoring Isn’t Working.

Woman ignoring.
Ignoring doesn’t work.

Sometimes ignoring someone isn’t enough, and it’s not accomplishing what you need it to. If you seriously need someone to leave you alone and ignoring them isn’t enough, these are some things you can try:

  • Confront them. If ignoring them doesn’t work, do the complete opposite and confront them about the issue. They may need to be put in their place to finally leave you alone.
  • Get someone else involved. If you feel like you can’t confront them on your own or like you shouldn’t be the one to interact with them because it’s not going to be good for you, get someone else involved. Ask for help, and someone else tells this person to leave you alone.
  • Cut them out completely. Ignoring them might start to help whatever issue you have with this person, but it doesn’t always work. Cut them out if you notice it’s not working and you’re truly tired of them. Eliminate them from your life in all aspects, and then they will be gone for good.

Wrapping it up

Remember, ignoring someone won’t always solve your problems, and it can take a lot of persistence and determination to truly ignore someone. It’s hard not to let things slide and start talking to them, but if you want it to be worth it, you’ll have to practice and master the art of ignoring them.

About the Author

Sarah Hall Image

Following in her parents' footsteps, Sarah was always writing, even at a young age. She has now been a writer for over seven years, with a degree in psychology as well. Although it seems unlikely, this has helped her tremendously in her writing due to her ability to understand others and because she knows how to best approach people. Aside from writing and psychology, she enjoys playing tennis on the weekends.