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How to Know if a Girl Likes You

Sometimes girls are confusing. That's why we gathered the signs to look out for when a girl likes you.

Lea Bennet By Lea Bennet Reviewed by Esther Evans

Are you uncertain about a girl nearby? Perhaps she’s been sending you signals lately that you can’t quite decipher, or maybe you’re just too nervous to think straight. Girls can be very mysterious creatures, often expecting us to read their minds when they want to communicate with us through their actions.

They may simply assume that you know what’s going on without having to discuss it, which can be quite frustrating and overwhelming for you. It’s helpful to understand the signs that indicate a girl is genuinely interested in you.

This way, you can save yourself from the embarrassment of misreading her signals and spare yourself from endless nights of wondering what’s going on inside her mind.

Put some of these tips and tricks to the test and see if the girl is interested in you or if she’s just looking for a new friend to vent to about her day. It’s crucial to go through each step carefully and avoid skipping over anything that might be important.

1. Does She Talk to You Frequently?

Is she talking to you frequently?
Is she talking to you frequently?

Girls love to talk about their days and their lives. If she gets excited and spills out every detail about her day when she sees you, it’s a significant sign that she’s emotionally attached to you.

Girls may be shy about sharing their thoughts, but if she’s giving you a fast and vivid play-by-play of her day, it’s likely that she thinks of you as more than just a friend. It’s crucial to keep this in mind, but don’t rely solely on this sign. Remember that she may see you as a close and endearing friend.

Be careful not to misinterpret her signals, or you may end up shooting yourself in the foot down the road.

2. How Does She Act When You’re Around Other Girls?

How does she act around other women?
How does she act around other women?

Girls can be quite judgmental around other women if they think you’re giving someone else too much attention. They may go out of their way to assert their dominance over other girls and try their hardest to make sure you hold them in higher regard than the other girls.

Some girls might notice little things they don’t like about the other girls or even share negative things they know about them with you. However, these are worst-case scenarios, and all girls are different in their own ways. Many will try to be physically close to you around other women and may wrap their hands around yours or touch your shoulders.

When a girl touches you, it’s a sign that she considers you her property and is trying to assert her dominance over you. This silent signal tells other women that you’re taken and not available for flirting, touching, or crushes.

3. How Does She Act Around You?

How are her reactions whenever you're around her?
How are her reactions whenever you’re around her?

Girls exhibit various behaviors when they’re interested in a man. They’ll not only act differently toward you compared to other boys, but they may also try to be physically closer to you whenever possible. If you’ve noticed a girl getting closer to you over the past few months, it might be time to check the list below for other possible signs.

Does she find your jokes funny?

Many girls will go out of their way to make your jokes seem like the funniest things ever told, even if they’re not that great. Whether it’s a corny knock-knock joke or a cheesy pick-up line, they’ll find what you say enchanting, captivating, and most importantly, hilarious.

Do you notice that she’s always the one laughing at your jokes when you’re among your co-workers or friends at school? Is she the only one who finds your jokes amusing and entertaining?

If so, that’s a strong indication that she likes you and is interested in you romantically. She will likely find anything you say funny and endearing.

Is she being touchy with you?

As we’ve mentioned, when a girl shows a man lots of physical attention, it can be a strong sign that she’s interested in him romantically. Girls usually are very cautious about giving too much attention to a guy without considering any negative possibilities or side effects.

Guys can easily misinterpret a flirtatious grab of the bicep or a hug from behind, so girls don’t give these out as frequently as compliments.

If she’s frequently grabbing or hugging you, or even finding any excuse to touch you in some way, there’s a good chance that she has a crush on you.

Does she get nervous when you’re around?

Girls will often overthink every little thing they do around someone they’re interested in. They may fuss over their hair or makeup, pull at their clothes to make sure everything looks perfect, and constantly wonder if you’re judging them.

They become nervous when they do something that puts them in an embarrassing situation, especially if it’s in front of someone they’re interested in romantically. This can cause sweating, blushing, and tight fists.

They want you to see them as perfect, and they fear that if you don’t, you’ll lose interest in them. If you notice a girl who is particularly careful about her appearance when she’s around you, it’s a strong indication that she’s interested in you romantically.

Is she frequently looking at you?

When you like someone, eye contact becomes a significant factor in your interactions. Have you noticed this girl watching you closely lately, observing everything you do? She’s not only trying to study you and learn as much as possible about you, but she’s also falling in love with what she sees.

Looking in your direction makes her happy, and she might even wonder if you feel the same way. If you catch her gaze, and she looks away with a blushing face, it’s a strong indication that there’s something more than just friendship on her mind.

Does she constantly try to make you jealous?

When a girl is interested in a man, she may try to make him jealous by flirting with his friends, co-workers, or even siblings. She wants him to notice her, and sometimes, a little jealousy is the only way to achieve that.

However, she doesn’t necessarily want the attention of the other men she’s flirting with and needs to be cautious not to lead them on. Otherwise, she may end up with another guy pursuing her instead of the one she’s interested in.

If you notice a girl from your math class flirting heavily with one of your friends in front of you after football practice every day, it’s possible that she’s seeking your attention instead of his. However, it’s important not to jump to conclusions, as she may not be trying to make you jealous at all. You need to analyze the situation carefully and cautiously to understand her true intentions.

4. Does She Dress Differently Than Usual?

Has she started buying more clothes?
Has she started buying more clothes?

Has your special lady friend been wearing a lot of makeup lately or bought a new dress from the mall? Has she been asking for your opinion on her recent outfits, and making sure to show off her new fashion choices around you?

She wants you to notice how great she looks, and she needs your opinion on her clothes to see if it’s working. Whether she’s asking you for a compliment or subtly trying to flaunt her beauty around you, these are all signs that she’s seeking your approval.

If you show any physical attraction or attention to her, it will give her the signs she needs to pursue a relationship with you. However, be careful not to misinterpret her intentions. Sometimes, girls simply need an extra opinion on something before they show off to the real man of interest, so don’t jump to conclusions too quickly.

5. Other Secret Hints

Women signs when they like you
Look Out For Those Secret Hints.

There are many other things women do when they’re highly interested in a guy, from hair twirling to open flirting. It’s not hard to recognize their true intentions when they become so obvious.

Pay attention to small hints, such as secrets among her friends or a sudden interest in your friends and family. If she’s going out of her way to insert herself into small parts of your life, that’s a strong sign that she’s interested in you.

Girls who like guys are often happier around them. If she’s been smiling around you for the past few hours, even though you know she had a very stressful day, that’s something to look out for.

If you’re feeling bold, try asking her friends or family if she’s talked about you at all. If you show them that you’re also interested in her, they may be forthcoming with any information about your lady friend. However, be careful not to come on too strong. If you misread her signs, being too brash could have the opposite effect of what you’re hoping for.

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Lea Bennett earned her degree in Psychology and has since specialized in relationship interactions. She is widely recognized as the creator of the official ChatlineNumbers, a private phone line service that has helped singles in North America interact and connect since the 2000s. In her free time, she enjoys playing sports, writing, and has a passion for programming.