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How to Make Her Miss You

by Sarah H.

When you have feelings for someone, you often wonder if she's also thinking about you. This is natural, especially if your thoughts are all about her. Assuming that the feeling is mutual, the mere thought of this person missing you just as much is enough to make your heart flutter. As human beings, we find joy in knowing that somebody misses us. It makes us feel loved and appreciated.

There are many reasons why you'd want a person to miss you. Perhaps you need validation of her feelings for you or feel as if something is off in your relationship. In some cases, you simply want her to miss you because it makes you feel secure and important.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting a girl to miss you, take comfort in knowing that if your existence matters to her, you shouldn't have any trouble in making it happen.

Factors to Make a Girl Miss You

Factors to make a girl miss you.
Factors to make a girl miss you.

So, what does it take for a girl to miss you? What can you do to make her miss you and yearn for your presence? If you're determined to find ways on how to drive her crazy wondering about you, you have to pay attention to three important things – timing, strategy, and boundary (or space). Let's define the role of each aspect in making a girl miss you;

1. Timing

Your timing is important, so be sensitive enough to know when to withdraw your presence. If she wants you to be around, you have to be with her by all means. Making a girl miss you when she needs you the most is not the perfect time to satisfy your bit of drama. So, pay close attention to your timing, and be sensitive enough to know exactly when to do it and when not to.

2. Strategy

There is a very thin line that separates wanting her to miss you and taking her for granted. So make sure that you're not giving her the wrong impression. Always keep in mind that it is easy for a girl to misinterpret your actions and conclude that you don't care enough for her. To avoid being tagged as undependable, plan your strategies wisely. Remember that the plan is to make her miss you and not send the wrong signal that you're avoiding her.

3. Boundary or Space

If you want a girl to miss you:

  1. Learn how to set the boundaries.
  2. Give her the right amount of space and time to do what she wants and do the same for your own sake.
  3. Don't be afraid of keeping your distance when you have to, because feelings can transcend gaps and separation.

Bear in mind that giving each other space to grow and respecting each other's boundaries are the secrets to a successful relationship.

How to Get Her to Miss You

Steps to get her to miss you.
Steps to get her to miss you.

Here are some foolproof tips that can help you execute the perfect plan to make her miss you.

1. Plan Memorable Dates Every Time

The best way to make a girl miss you whenever you're apart is to make your dates memorable. Make an extra effort by planning something special whenever you're spending the day together, and give her the best time of her life. It could be a trip to a place she loves, having a fun activity together, and doing thoughtful things that she'll appreciate.

Going the extra mile, surprising her when she least expects it, and making her feel special can keep her wondering about you whenever you're not together. As long as you can do things right, she'll be craving for your presence a lot more often.

2. Take It Easy on Social Media

Don't post everything on social media, and if you can, take a break from it. Girls are not fond of guys who post many things on social media, like their daily activities, thoughts, and random routines. It practically gives away everything and leaves nothing to be curious about.

Taking it easy on social media can make a girl wonder about you more often. The curiosity can drive her crazy that she might even attempt to stalk you somewhere else online. So, if you're thinking about flexing your washboard abs on social media or uploading a gazillion selfies with that million-dollar expression, forget it. She may view all your posts, but it won't make her miss you, since you're addressing the public, not her specifically.

3. Don't Act Needy and Avoid Being Clingy

Not all girls find are fond of guys who constantly call and text them throughout the day. Of course, it's undeniable that every girl is different. However, if you want a girl to miss you, minimize your frequency of calls and texts. If you think that not texting her for one day seems too drastic and quite suspicious, text her at least once – but make it meaningful. Then, stop there. That would leave her wondering why you texted her only once, even though you seem so sweet in your last text.

Being clingy and always checking on her may sound cute and sweet, but both of you would eventually get tired of it. To make her miss and crave your attention, give her time to wonder about you. Don't text her every waking moment. Instead, give each other that much-needed break from each other to maintain that spark in your relationship. Just be careful not to trigger any doubts on her part.

4. A Little Mystery Can Go a Long Way

A hint of mystery can tickle her curiosity and wonder what you've been up to. Leave something to her imagination by keeping a part of you under the shadows. Revealing everything about yourself can steal away all the excitement and anticipation. So don't get too eager to share every bit of detail about your life. Keep some things private such as your past relationship, the reason for the break-up, what you do during your spare time, and your "secret agenda", among many other aspects of your life.

Men with a mysterious side tend to draw a lot of attention from girls who like them. It makes them more appealing and thought-provoking in many ways because there's so much to learn and discover underneath that personality. If you can be this kind of guy, you're off to a good head-start. Once you start spending some time with a girl you like, you'll realize that acting a bit mysterious is a tricky way to make her think of you more frequently.

5. Make Her Wonder Why and She'll Start Missing You

Make her wonder about you by breaking a routine or a habit. For example, if you're always the first one to say "hi" to her or greet her in the morning, break it for once. Pretend not to see her or act as if your mind is preoccupied with something you did not notice. If she's used to your "usual" and everyday behavior, a sudden change can make her wonder about what's going on with you.

It is normal for people to get used to a certain routine or level of treatment. When things start to get too predictable, they take them for granted without even realizing it. A sudden change or break from this routine can shake things up and leave a trail of thoughts. So if it's customary for you to text her every morning, or send her random funny messages daily, or "like" every Facebook post she makes, break the habit and leave her wondering why. If you've impacted her, the chances are that she'll miss what you typically do.

6. Allow Her to See You Having Fun with Others

Whether you're dealing with an ex- or a girl you're trying to win over, show her that you're capable of having fun. Girls like guys who know how to enjoy themselves in the company of others. It could be through a game of basketball with your friends, a boys' night out, a jam session with your band, or an outrageous party. Your goal is to prove that you're capable of enjoying yourself and doing many things with other people.

This is something that most girls find sexy and attractive because it's a sign of confidence and self-sufficiency. It's like telling the world that your happiness doesn't depend on a relationship and that you know exactly how to have a life. So whether you're trying to make a girl notice you, attempting to get over your ex-, or creating your own diversion, guys that can genuinely have a good time are worth missing and thinking about.

7. Treat Her Well, But Leave Her Wondering Why

Girls like guys who give them proper compliments and know how to treat them well. In this sense, showing your appreciation and gentlemanly ways can go a long way if you want her to think of you more often and to miss you.

Always make it a point to give her the best treatment whenever you can, but (here's the drill) keep her hanging. This would leave her wondering why you're extra caring towards her and whether or not you have feelings for her.

Your actions could mean a lot of things, but none of them can confirm anything in particular. For instance, you may offer to carry her books, drive her home, cheer her up, or open the door for her. These small things can all add up eventually and drive her curiosity.

If by any chance you're not around to do these nice things for her, she'll end up thinking about you – and yes, that includes missing you. So, go ahead and give her a lot of memories to remember you by. Treating her well and being "in the right place at the right time" are the simplest things you can do to make her miss you more.

8. Break the Monotony in Your Relationship

If you're in a relationship with a girl, one thing you can do to make her miss you is to break the monotony. Don't settle for a routine. Instead, keep yourselves interested in each other and in other things as well. For example, break the habit of constantly updating each other throughout the day; and you don't have to do the same things all the time. This would give her enough space to wonder about you more often.

There are many different ways to break the monotony in your relationship. You can spend certain days doing other things with other people, working on your hobbies, or simply doing what you want; then surprise her every now and then try out something new.

Being happy whenever you're together and being happy on your own can make her miss you like crazy because girls like guys who are fun, socially engaged, and self-reliant.

9. Make Your Life More Interesting

It's important to invest your time in your goals and personal activities to have a more interesting life. Your life is not meant to revolve entirely around her, no matter how strong your feelings are. You simply have to make her an essential part of it – like a source of inspiration.

This perception would enable you to live a life that's impressive and rewarding, so you can become a better man. By doing so, she's going to desire to become a part of your life and crave your presence. 

Additionally, the more you focus on the things you want to achieve, the more that she's going to miss being with you. She'll always look forward to the time you can spend with her, giving you more things to talk about. Making your life more interesting can also give you a sense of security in your relationship, and it's a healthy way to build your self-esteem.

10. One Thoughtful Message Can Beat a Thousand Texts

Think of quality over quantity at all times. It's not all about the number of calls and text messages that you send her, but the quality of one single message that matters. Texting her all the time leaves her with nothing to wonder about, and the chances are that you won't be able to sustain this for so long.

If you want her to genuinely miss you and crave for your presence, just send her one sweet message that says it all. It's sort of like a teaser that summarizes everything you feel in a short note. Here are some examples;

"I'm at work right now, having a busy day. I miss you, and I wish you're here."

"I passed by the restaurant where we had our first date, and I thought of you. 'Looking forward to the next time we can spend a moment together."

"Hey, I just want you to know that I'm thinking of you. 'Hope that you're having a good day. Let's spend time together again soon, ok."

On a Final Note

Sometimes, we all need to do something to prove that life is happier when we are around and bring a lot of wonderful things to the table. The sad truth is that once we become overly predictable, that's when things get dull and unexciting, regardless of how amazing our personality is. So, learn to play your cards well to keep her wanting your presence.

The trick is to keep the surprises and twists coming. Change your approach constantly – be dependable but mysterious, sweet but unyielding, affectionate but independent. And lastly, live a life that's so purposeful and gratifying that she'd want to become a part of it. As long as you're able to maintain an interesting side of yourself, she'll keep on missing you.