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Getting Rid of Phone Call Anxiety

by Albert Brown

The majority of people have experienced feeling nervous about a call they need to make or one they have to receive. It’s very common for this to happen even when the calls are planned, such as a work call or a post-breakup call regarding your relationship, maybe even a call from your doctor about test results.

Even very normal phone calls such as the ones previously mentioned can cause lots of anxiety for many people. At least 72.5% of the population suffers from phone call related anxiety due to these kinds of situations, but there’s also another small percentage of people that simply have anxiety due to absolutely any kind of call they must make or receive.

This can even lead them to experience stomach aches, headaches, be distracted, unable to focus, and just not feel like themselves.

Usually, this happens to most people that have social anxiety. In this article we will help you identify if you have problems with phone call anxiety and how to possibly overcome those anxious feelings.

Reasons You’re Experiencing Light Phone Call Anxiety.

We’ve all experienced some kind of light phone call anxiety, typically related to specific phone calls about health-related topics, a relationship, or work. The following tips will help you tackle the light phone call anxiety you are feeling.

Keep in mind although phone calls might make you feel anxious, it’s because of a specific thing, and it’s not that you’re constantly suffering from phone call anxiety every time you have to make or receive a call.

  1. Sleep well at night. Resting an adequate amount of hours can make a huge difference in your mood and how you feel throughout the day. It’s important to sleep well at night so that you are well rested and less likely to feel anxious.
  2. Try doing yoga and practice breathing exercises. Yoga can be a great way to get your body moving in a relaxing way, and the breathing techniques you will learn in most yoga classes are very beneficial as well. You can use these breathing techniques to calm down if the phone call gives you too much anxiety.
  3. Exercise. Exercising is really good not just for your body, but for your mental well-being. It will make a huge difference to exercise.
  4. Don’t forget to drink coffee or green tea. A hot drink can be relaxing and comforting. Choose your favorite, whether coffee or green tea, but try to drink decaf coffee if that’s what you choose. Caffeine can make you jittery, and although you think you’re feeling better, your anxiety might increase later.
  5. Write down questions or responses to help you when you start to feel anxious. If it makes you feel better, you can use your cheat sheet as soon as you start the phone call, so you don’t have to worry about possibly feeling anxious as the conversation continues.

Symptoms of Phone Call Anxiety

Symptoms of phone call anxiety.
Symptoms of phone call anxiety.

The symptoms of having phone call anxiety can also induce headaches, stress, depression, and constant distraction from other things aside from phone calls. Below you will find 6 of the most indicative symptoms that may let you know you have phone call anxiety.

Not answering phone calls.

Being avoidant when answering phone calls is a huge indicator that you probably have phone call anxiety. Especially if it also happens when people you are close to call. It can be normal to feel a little bit stressed when someone you don’t want to talk to calls, but if someone you love talking to in person calls you, and you don’t want to talk to them, perhaps you should think about why that is.

Delays in making or responding to phone calls.

If you find yourself putting off making certain phone calls or answering the phone call, you have phone call anxiety. Typically people that don’t experience phone call anxiety efficiently make phone calls, and they don’t take too long to answer a phone call because they want to be able to connect with the caller before the phone stops ringing.

When you have phone call anxiety, you might secretly hope you can’t answer in time so you don’t have to talk on the phone.

Thinking about the resolution after phone calls.

You might notice that after you end a phone call, you are thinking of ways you could make the experience better for yourself. If something needs to be fixed about your phone call experience, you likely have phone call anxiety.

There’s really not a lot that can go wrong when you’re having a conversation on the phone, if when you have conversations in person it goes well. So trying to solve something about the phone call is due to anxiety.

Script planning before making a phone call.

This is a great technique many people with phone call anxiety use. This is why it should be a quick indication that you have phone call anxiety if you find yourself doing this.

Trying to make the phone call short.

If you manage to have a phone call but constantly trying to end it or cut it short, this is a sign of phone call anxiety. Typically, unless you are in a rush for some reason, being on the phone shouldn’t be a problem, even if the call is extended. It just means more topics are being covered, and especially if it’s a friendly conversation, you should be happy it lasts longer.

Not making an effort to call people back.

Normally, when you have a missed call, you want to call the person back as soon as possible. However, when you have phone call anxiety, this isn’t the case. Instead, you do everything possible not to call them back.

How to Get Rid of Phone Call Anxiety

Getting rid of phone call anxiety.
Getting rid of phone call anxiety.

The following steps are an attempt to guide you to help you overcome the problem you constantly face when you have to have a phone call. It’s important to identify that you have a problem and that you really want to solve it. Otherwise, you will always have to live with it.

1. Pick up the Phone.

If you notice you’re getting a call, simply pick up and answer the call. Don’t worry about anything else besides picking up and jumping into the conversation. Try not to stress yourself out, and do your best to keep calm during the phone call. If it’s a spam call, have fun with it and joke around with the caller to try to overcome the anxious feelings you are having.

2. Talk to More People In Person.

People that have a hard time socializing are the ones that usually face phone call anxiety the most. It’s important that you try to talk with and interact with more people in person. Eventually, you’ll realize that some moments of silence within a conversation are normal, and not having something to talk about is also normal. Simply speak to more people until you get used to the fact that most conversations will not be perfect, and that’s completely normal.

3. Ask Friends to Call.

If you have friends, and you don’t have an issue talking to them in person, and the issue is only when you have to talk on the phone, then ask your friends to call you from different phone numbers, so you can practice. This will allow you to get used to answering the phone, especially if they’re calling from unknown numbers, because then you won’t know when it’s your friend calling or a stranger calling.

You’ll probably feel relief when you hear it’s your friend’s voice, but eventually, you’ll get so good at answering phone calls, it won’t bother you if it’s an unfamiliar voice.

4. Call a Chat Line.

For many years, people have been using chat line services to communicate and connect with others, building friendships over the phone. Give these services a try so that you can get used to talking on the phone with people you don’t know. Sometimes talking to strangers can be easier than talking to people you know because you might fear being judged if you start to act awkward due to your discomfort.

When you’re talking to someone on a chat line, you don’t know who they are, and they don’t know who you are, so you have nothing to worry about. Plus, if you get too overwhelmed, you can just hang up and not worry about dealing with that reaction later.


Phone call anxiety is something a lot of people deal with, probably more than you think. Don’t let the anxious feeling stop you from talking on the phone, and do your best to overcome it.

Practice with friends, and remind yourself it’s okay to have a ‘script’ written down to get you started or help guide you while you are on the phone. Follow all of the tips mentioned above, and before you know it you’ll be talking on the phone more than ever before.

About the Author

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Albert Brown loves creating content that answers any questions readers may have. He previously worked as a journalist for BuzzFeed, WomensMag, and Cosmopolitan. He has a degree in communications and a passion for storytelling. Because of that, Albert decided to create content for our readers. He currently lives in San Francisco with his dog, Mr. Peggy, enjoys writing content in different coffee shops throughout San Fran, and on the weekends, he often goes hiking and biking.