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Chat lines Help You Overcome Loneliness, Anxiety, and Depression

by Lea B.

Are you suffering from loneliness, anxiety, and depression?

Do you feel down and so alone with no one to turn to?

Have you ever felt that sinking feeling of wanting to just give up?

You are not alone in this battle.

Millions of people from all over the world; across all ages, race, and ethnicity are suffering from that same feeling. It is a mental condition that often requires therapy, treatment and counselling. However, not all respond positively to treatments. Some fall deeper into depression without exactly knowing why.

You do not have to be one of them.

As human beings, we are capable of feeling different emotions. Scientists and medical experts believe that it has something to do with a person’s hormonal system and its various chemical imbalances. Treatments are becoming more advanced these days as anxiety and depression becomes increasingly prevalent.

Are Depression and Anxiety Common?

Chat line talks help with depression and anxiety.
Chat lines help with depression and anxiety.

According to a medical study, depression is the main cause of disability worldwide. It is also considered as a disease burden because it affects a person’s ability to socialize and function normally. It inhibits productivity and over-all functionality. It also severely affects the quality of life.

The study also shows that 20%-25% of women and 7%-12% of men suffer from depression at some point in their life. Depression also accounts for 50% of psychiatric consultations and nearly 12% of hospital confinement.

Anxiety, on the other hand, is the most common mental condition in the U.S. Anxiety disorders affects 40 million adults in the U.S. alone. Approximately 10% of teenagers and 40% of adults are suffering from some forms of anxiety.

Anxiety Versus Depression

Anxiety versus depression.
Anxiety versus depression.

It is quite easy to understand the difference between depression and anxiety.

Depression is a condition that arises following a painful situation, frustration in life, difficulty at work, loss of a loved one, or disappointment from career or past relationships. It is a by-product of a catastrophic event that happened in a person’s life which caused extreme loneliness.

Anxiety, on the other hand, is fear from something that is yet to happen. It arises from the “what if’s” that people often encounter in life. It is fear for the unknown. It is that feeling of self-insufficiency and extreme fear for just about anything. Anxiety makes people worry and panic senselessly and irrationally.

It Could Happen to Anyone

If you are suffering from loneliness, and you fear that you may be having signs of depression and anxiety; keep in mind that you are not alone in this ordeal.

Even the so-called rich and famous celebrities and personas are not spared from these mental conditions. Comedian, Jim Carey, admitted in an interview that he spent much of his life fighting depression after his failed marriages.

Talk show host, Ellen Degeneres, suffered from depression after losing her job and career. Following her admission to being gay, she felt alone and disrespected. These factors buried her deeper into depression.

Famous actor, Johnny Depp, suffered from both anxiety and depression. He admitted to talking to various therapists all the time concerning his growing concern about his mental health.

Other famous personalities who had fallen on the trap of depression and anxiety are; Eminem (rapper), Chris Evans (actor), and Anne Hathaway (actress) among many others.

This goes to show that you may have lots of friends and family by your side, you may have millions in your bank account, you may have a blossoming career, and you may have everything that money can buy; but still, you can end up feeling lonely and worthless.

One effective treatment method for loneliness, depression, and anxiety requires nothing more than a helping hand and a listening ear. Communication can set things right like talking to a friend or a stranger and finding yourself once again with the help of other people who are willing to share their time with you.

Aside from medications, treatment options for depression and anxiety always include counselling, socializing, and psychiatric/psychosocial therapy on the list. In fact, these can be regarded as the “bread and butter” of the whole management program. And the common denominator for all these treatment approaches is communication and social interaction.

Why Is Communication Important?

Communication importance.
What is the importance of communication?

The answer is basically simple – because it takes another human being to understand another.

Two human beings talking, sharing, and listening to each other, and making a connection, is the best way to overcome that feeling of loneliness, anxiety and depression. Every person needs to be heard and to be understood. After all, humans are designed to connect with each other and to establish friendships and healthy relationships.

That is why Chatlines is here to help. Because Chatlines understand every person’s need to talk to somebody.

Discovering Your Worth as a Person

Talking to someone can make a person feel worthy and relevant in this world. It takes someone – a friend, relative, or even a complete stranger – to uplift and encourage a person. Ever had one of those days when you feel so down and by just talking to someone, you suddenly feel lighter and happier?

According to an article published online by CNN, talking about being lonely or depressed makes the intensity of the situation a little bit less.

One article published by a Scientific American website states that starting a conversation with strangers can actually make you happy. According to a social experiment, people who initiated conversations to strangers on a subway were later on reported as happier than those who did not.

The said study consisted of commuters in Chicago who were each asked to talk to a stranger while on the train or to sit alone quietly and do whatever they normally do while on commute.

The result stated that; those who tried to talk to strangers had the most enjoyable experience and those who chose to stay quiet and alone had the least pleasurable experience.

This study suggests that communication is a contributory factor to one’s happiness and quality of life. If you want to be happy and have a more enjoyable life, the best thing you can do is to interact with another person.

Talking to someone new or to a person you have never met can be healthy and more comfortable. It gives you a chance to write on a clean slate. It gives you a chance to start something fresh and new with another person. It triggers a sense of excitement. It can also help you gather up your broken pieces and start a new friendship with a complete stranger.

Talking to a friend can help you re-discover your self-worth. It can give you a brand new appreciation about yourself amidst what you are going through. It can also give you a new sense of adventure knowing that you are going to start building a connection with another human being.

There is Pleasure in Talking to a Stranger

Sometimes, talking to a stranger can be more favourable because there is no fear of judgement. And, you can just talk about yourself freely without any inhibitions.

How Do Chat lines Help?

chat lines and communication ally.
How chat lines help people with communication problems.

People who are going through depression and anxiety need to be reassured and reminded that they have a purpose – that they are important. Through Chatlines, these individuals can get in touch with someone who can help them see the silver lining in every situation.

Chatlines can help people be happier and feel less alone just by having someone to talk to and listen to. It opens avenues for communications, friendships, relationships and even romance. It is a helpline – almost like a lifeline – that lonely, depressed and anxious people can rely on to find someone who can help them appreciate life once again.

Making Connections With Other People Through Chatlines

Connecting people through chat lines.
How to connect other people through chat lines.

Chatlines establishes connections. It is designed to help people connect with each other.

No matter who you are, there is somebody out there who is willing to talk to you. You just have to find someone who is aligned with your personality and who can share with you new experiences and perspectives about things that matter most in life.

A complete stranger, a totally different person, or someone you can relate to can help you get over that feeling of loneliness

A two-way communication encourages a person to speak his mind and talk about different topics including issues on life, relationships, and personal struggles. More importantly, it allows a person to be heard, and to listen in return.

Humans are capable of establishing strong connections with each other. There is this natural bond that can make another person feel comfortable and instantly at ease with another person. When this happens, a comfortable and uplifting level of communication becomes almost natural. And you won’t feel alone and abandoned anymore.

Stop the Pity Party: Overcome Your loneliness Through Chatlines

The feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming. It can take the best of you. It can steal your happiness.

However, you are never alone in this ordeal. There are a lot of people out there who can talk to you. So jump from that bandwagon of loneliness now because you would never want to be where it will take you.

You do not have to go through this alone. Talking to someone is all it takes to brush off that feeling of loneliness. You deserve to find your happiness and to re-discover yourself with the help of another human being.

Help yourself and find someone to talk to. You do not have to stay where you are because you’ll never know who or what is waiting for you.

Keep in mind that there is hope – always. You can be happy again. And, who knows, the answers to your questions may just be waiting on the other line.