Hi guys, my name is Lea B. you all are very welcome to theChatlineNumbers.com a website where i share the chat line numbers I've been using to contact local individuals with total privacy.

This is how it all started. I was a 22 years old, chubby, in general, not a very good looking girl.

I've always been a shy individual, I was not open to interacting with any person around me. Not in class, not in the gym, nowhere. It's like I've been trapped because of the fear of rejection.

I never felt "pretty".

After years and years in the same situation, I realized that this needed to change, that this, will no be part of my life anymore. The fear and anxiety are not going to control my actions or who I am.

So I run across many websites looking for explanations, ideas, or possible solutions. and that's how I ended up finding the chat lines.

I started calling one of those "Therapy" Chat lines, I made my first phone chat with someone called "Matt" he was listening and sharing his opinion on everything I was telling him. For a very long time, it's was the first time I started to feel open and free.

That's how in the course of 8 months and approximately infinite hours on the phone I was a totally new person, there was no more shy in me, there was no fear.

Then of course, my budget was tight so i was looking for different type of companies that offers this type of chat line service but with a free trial available so i don't... spend that much on it. I tried probably 30 chat lines with free trials but anyways I got my problems to solve.

That's when i decided with a couple friends that i share my story with, to create this page, to share with you guys the chat lines that've been using.

Hope you guys enjoy all the numbers we're providing and every single week we're looking for more.

Best, Lea B.