Women love to talk and even more so, women want their men to talk with them as often as possible. There’s nothing sweeter than a man who takes the time to sit down with his girl and talk to her about topics that she deems the most important - for both of them.

Much like men have their needs, so do women and one of those needs just so happens to be long talks on the phone or on the couch of your apartment.

If you want to stay in her good graces and keep her satisfied, you might want to start sitting down with her and getting into some good conversation.

With all of the things in the world to talk about though, what should you talk about with her? Should you gossip with her? And when you do find the things to talk about, how long should you embrace her?

Don’t worry, we’ve gathered up some pretty interesting topics and things that you can spend hours on the phone with your girl discussing below.

The Power of Communication and Conversation

Before we dive into the things that you should be talking about with your woman, one must first understand just how important this time truly is. Not just for her, but for you as well.

For one, communication is the number one key to any relationship.

The more you communicate with one another, the more you learn about each other, and the more you learn about each other, the closer the two of you become.

So, if you’re looking for something sensual and long-term, it’s time to take your communication into consideration.

It’s pretty much a cycle, dude. You give her what she wants, which is communication, she then feels like you care about her and love what she thinks and talks about, which then leads her to feel closer to you, then she is able to take care of your needs after feeling close to you from all of the communication.

Now you see why they say communication is the key to the relationship?

10 Things to Talk About With Her

1. Your Future and How She Could Play a Part in It

Of course, this is a conversation you’re going to have at a later stage of your relationship, more so than in the early stages, it’s still a conversation that most girls with a boyfriend are going to want to hear from him sooner than later.

Women are emotional, sensitive beings that have a need of being wanted and loved, taken care of for life. If you have a plan for your future and it involves her in it, she’ll melt right there in your hands.

Plus, women absolutely love a man who has his own future in order.

Don’t lie about what you want or hope for the future either just to sound or look good. That looks way worse in the end when you don’t accomplish everything you told her you would or wanted to.

Be realistic about your hopes for your future career, home life, and family life.

2. What She Thinks About Her Own Future

Dive into her mind and ask her what she wants out of her own future, does she have any plans for her career or a family in mind? She’ll be delighted that you are curious about her future and what she expects from it.

It shows her that you are willing to tough it out for the long haul too, and not just concerned about the here and now. Talking about her future shows that you care about more than just yourself too, so dig in and ask her questions about it.

There’s nothing sexier than a man who listens, pays attention, and cares about his girls’ future.

3. Her Favorite People, Places, or Things, and Any Memories She Has of Them

As we just said, a man who wants to know more about his woman and asks questions about her and all of her heart's desires is quite possibly the sexiest thing on earth that a man can do.

Talk with her about all of her favorite things, her favorite places that she’s visited, her most favorite people in the world, and any memories she cherishes.

If you get a girl to open up about what’s in her heart, my friend, you have found the key to it. Ask her to tell you all of the foods she’s tried and loved, and ask her about her childhood, things she experienced that she’ll never forget.

Learning more about her past will also build a bridge to her soul, from yours.

Knowing and learning more about her, brings you closer together physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually.

Sharing things she truly cares about and memories that make her unique, shows her that she’s loved and has meaning, and what she’s been through is important to more than just her in this life.

4. Your Childhood and Past Memories

On the contrary, you should also share your childhood and past memories with her. She needs to know all about you just like you need to know all about her.

Of course, don’t choose memories that are going to hurt her feelings or get her pissed off - share beautiful, intimate memories that will make her proud to be with you.

That’s not to say to hide the truth though, if you had a bad childhood you can certainly tell her. I’m sure she’ll be happy that you confided in her about your troubled past and she won’t be hesitant to hold you while you talk about it either.

Let her know about your favorite places and memories with these places, just as she shared with you.

If you can relate to her memories she’s told you in any way, this would be a good time to compare any memories you have that could match hers to show her that you were paying attention when she was sharing.

5. Gossip

I’m probably stating the obvious here, but one reason that most women love talking on the phone, going to the bathroom with their girlfriends, and just having girl days with the ladies, is for gossip.

When you think of gossip you more than likely think of shit talk, bad-mouthing someone, but that’s not always the case.

Sometimes gossip can be about something positive, it’s basically just people talking about situations they are not involved in (or sometimes they are involved in), and usually with the person who is involved, or the other person/people involved, not around at the time of the conversation.

Gossip can even be about TV shows or movies that you liked or hated.

Engaging in gossip with your girl, senseless or not, negative or positive, still makes your woman happy and she’ll feel ‘freed’ after the conversation, especially if the gossip is about someone at her job being jealous of her so she always tries to “one-up” her daily in the office, and now she hates her job so much that she’s been looking for another one.

And that’s only the beginning of the story. Prepare to sit down for some time when gossiping with your babe.

If your woman is more reserved and doesn’t really gossip like most, you could always talk about her favorite actors or favorite singer, and what’s going on in their lives. Politics will usually get people talking nowadays too.

6. Any Secrets You Haven’t Told Anyone

Share a secret about you that you haven’t told anyone, ever, or at least not any other woman. She’ll feel really special to know that she’s the first (or only) person and especially the only woman that you’ve ever let in on some of your deepest, darkest moments.

You don’t need to scare or worry the girl, but do let her know about maybe that time you shoplifted at 20 years old and went home scared for weeks, feeling like the cops were going to pull up at your house at any minute.

Maybe you have a sad secret about something that happened to you that you don’t tell many people.

Whatever it may be, the fact you’re willing to share something so deep with her coupled with the fact that she’s the first to know (at least the first woman to know), will make her feel like an absolute Queen in your world.

7. Major Dreams That You Have or Had to Gave Up on

Everyone had a huge dream to be something almost supernatural when they were growing up, some of us even have dreams in our 30’s and up that we still feel we will accomplish before we die.

Let her in on that dream that you gave up on, or the dream you feel like you mine as well give up on anyways.

There is something about a sensual, deep, kind-of sad conversation where she can encourage you and uplift you, that brings the two of you to a whole new level in your relationship.

You could even ask her about dreams that she had growing up and if she still has them today.

Put your relationship at that next level with conversations like these, having a deep relationship is one of the best ways to fight adversity together when it comes your way.

8. Situations You Overcame

The only thing sexier than a man who listens and takes the time out to talk about things with his lady is a man who has faced evil and fought it off. A man who has been through the valley and came out on top of the mountain with a story to tell.

Women have the need to feel protected by her big, strong man, so once she hears the story about how you were in the woods for five days with nothing because you somehow got stranded, and you had to fight off a bear, a snake, a rat, and a cat - she might just "jump your bones" right then and there in the middle of the story.

On a much more serious note, hearing about how you faced really hard times but still made it through will not only make her “wowed” at you and maybe even make her look at you in a different way, but it will also give her hope for any of her own adversities she’s facing.

Women pull strength from their men, and men pull sensitivity from their women, the balance is the secret to the universe and without it, the world wouldn’t function properly.

9. What You Love About Her and Your Relationship With Her

No need to get cheesy or over-exaggerate, but talk about everything you love about her from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head. Hell, maybe you love sucking on her toes and brushing her hair? Tell her.

If you love her or her personality, her looks, what she stands for and literally every minute spent with her - tell her that! She needs to know pretty much daily that you care about her and what you like about her, as women need to feel needed.

Women have no capacity when it comes to compliments and pouring on your sweetness, so give it all to her baby!

10. Ask Her to Tell You Something She’s Never Told Anyone Else

It does not have to be a deep, dark secret that she wouldn’t want you to remember if you ever broke up, but ask her to tell you something that she’s never told a single soul. Even if it’s something really silly like she still sleeps with her teddy at night, at 30 years old.

Getting her to open up about something she won’t open up to anyone else about is going to prove the relationship and tell you the stage you’re in if she musters up the courage to do it that is. Some women might just be too shy and that’s fine, tell her it can be literally anything.

If she’s hesitant at first, start it off by telling her something silly you never told anyone. Let her know about the time you peed in your friends' bed while drunk at just 15 years old.

It’s not about what is told, it’s the act of doing it that shows your trust and builds your trust with one another.

After the Conversation

We can’t speak for all people but after a good, deep, interesting talk with my boo - cuddling sounds like the absolute best way to chill afterward.

Sometimes even having sex, depending on the talk you just had with her, is the only thing you want to do afterward. If you’re not able to physically be with them, try having phone sex.

Make sure you tell her exactly how you feel by saying “I love you” but only if you really do, or if you haven’t hit the “I love you stage” just yet, tell her that you’re just so happy she’s your woman.

Closing the conversation is much like having any other conversation and saying bye before you leave or hang up, unless the two of you just fall asleep after, which is quite possibly the sweetest thing you could do following a deep, interesting conversation.

After all, mental stimulation and “mental orgasms” in a relationship are just as important as physical. Stimulate your mind and enhance your relationship by having at least one sentimental chat a week.