For some guys, the mere thought of initiating a conversation with a girl is enough to send butterflies in their stomachs. Indeed, anything could go wrong with just a single mistake or a bad choice of word; and there is no guarantee that the girl would respond positively, either. But what if you want to talk to a girl you like? How can you start a natural conversation without having to deal with dead-air and cringe-worthy statements?

One fine trick to initiate a conversation is to ask open-ended questions. Instead of asking categorical questions that are answerable by a simple "yes" or "no", opt for a question that requires an elaborate answer. This would encourage the other person to talk, voice out her opinions, and become more communicative.

In effect, this can buy you some time to plan for your next approach. Letting the girl you like to talk to you can pave the way for the rest of your conversation.

The most crucial parts are knowing what appropriate questions to ask and how you can deliver them in the most appealing (or convincing) way. Remember that your mission is to ask a girl you like some questions to amplify your chances of winning her attention. If you can do things right the first time, you can level up your questions and get a little bit more personal.

Let's dig into the following questions that you can ask a girl you like;

1. What Are Your Plans This Weekend?

Ask her about her weekend plans.

Instead of asking, "do you have plans this weekend?" start your question with a "what?" This is a more appropriate way to get into the fine details of her weekend. A question that she can practically answer with a "yes" or "no" puts the conversation right to the dead-end, and there can only be two things after that. It's either you come up with a witty question or statement fast enough to get the conversation rolling or deal with a moment of awkward silence.

Therefore, asking her about her plans for the weekend requires more careful thought on her part and is more conversational in that sense. Whether she'll respond favorably to your question or not, the idea is to get her to talk to you, so you can get a more detailed response.

2. What Random Things About You That Most People Don't Know About?

Talking to a girl you like can send you waves of excitement. The more you know about her, the more curious you become. So, why not plunge into the juicy details of her life and personality? Ask her to tell you at least five random things about her that most people don't know.

This could get the wheels in her head turning to process some information that's worth sharing with you. The question might be a bit personal, but it's trivial and fun. It could easily give away the impression that you want to know her on a deeper level.

3. How Do You Spend Your Holidays?

If you particularly like a girl, you would be curious to know how she usually spends her holidays, where she spends them, and who she's spending them with. Asking her this question is a good way to kick-start a wholesome conversation that may involve her family, close friends, hometown, culture, and childhood traditions.

Such casual and conversational questions can also give you an idea about her personal life, the special occasions that she looks forward to, and the people who matter most to her. It's also a candid way to discover a little bit about her background.

4. What Are the Things That Excite You?

Girls are usually eager to talk about the things that excite them. Whether it's her aspirations, plans for the future, or passion, it would be nice to know the things that energize her spirit. The good thing about asking this question is that it would give you a glimpse of her character. It would also enable you to come up with plans or activities that you can do together.

For instance, if outdoor activities excite her, you can plan on a hiking and camping trip. If she gets excited with artworks, you can take her to a museum or art exhibit. Knowing the things that excite her can make it easier for you to connect with her. It is also a good way to initiate a worthwhile conversation that's compelling and inspiring for her.

5. If You Can Have Any Wish, What Would You Wish For?

Initiating a conversation with a girl you like can start from anywhere. Once you've warmed up to each other, you can go on and ask her about the things that you're curious about. So, go ahead and ask her what she would wish for if she can have anything. This is a thought-provoking question that could give rise to an interesting answer or a response that's good enough to start up a stimulating discussion.

Whether she wishes to become a millionaire or to become a famous person, it would be fun to engage in a light and carefree discussion. Sometimes, talking about the things that may or may not happen in real life can reveal a lot about a person's thoughts and deepest feelings. Such conversations eventually turn out to be the most memorable, since they are personal yet non-invasive. 

6. What Are the Qualities That You're Looking for in a Guy?

Ask her what she is looking for in a man.

Straightforward questions that demand specific answers shouldn't scare you, especially if you're right in the middle of a good conversation. Remember that it's not what you are asking that matters, but your manner of asking it. As long as you can deliver a direct question in an undemanding way, you can always expect an honest answer.

In this sense, don't be afraid to ask her about the qualities that she's looking for in a guy. You have to know if you like the girl and if you're determined to pursue her. Whether she answers favorably or not, what is important is that you'll gain an idea about where you stand. Somehow, this would make it easier for you to gauge your chances of winning her heart.

7. What Is the Craziest Thing You've Ever Done?

Whether you want to satisfy your curiosity or you simply want to figure out how free-spirited a girl is, you can ask her about the craziest thing she's ever done so far. Asking this question will give you an idea of how carefree she is, or if she is someone who would rather play it safe. This is also a smart way to figure out if she's spontaneous or conservative.

Feel free to share your craziest moment as well, and you might just find yourselves sharing a good laugh. Adding a bit of humor to a rather serious conversation enables you to feel more comfortable with each other. It breaks the ice and minimizes those awkward silences. After all, those hearty laughs and silly grins in between the lines also add weight to the conversation. 

8. What Is the Biggest "Turn-Off" for You?

Asking the biggest turn-offs for her may sound risky, but it would certainly give you an idea of the things that she's not fond of. This is something that you can use to your advantage; because as much as you'd want to know the things that fascinate her, it's just as important to become aware of the things that turn her off.

Casually ask her about the things that she finds as major turn-offs, such as in guys, dating, and relationships. This is a good eye-opener for you since you'll be able to see and understand things from a girl's perspective. Depending on how she'll respond to your question, you may find out why girls easily change their minds or why they act and think the way they do. So, prepare to say "hello" to new realizations because you'll be hearing a female's verdict when you ask this question.

9. How Would You Describe a Perfect Date?

Yes, it's okay to ask evocative questions, especially if you want to know what type of girl she is. Is she the "movie-and-popcorn" type, the "picnic type", or the "romantic dinner type"? If you're seriously pursuing a girl, it's natural to dig into the things that impress her. Asking her friends may sound practical, but why beat around the bush when you can just ask her upfront?

It may seem unconventional to ask how she would describe a perfect date, especially if you have every intention of dating her. But wouldn't it be more intriguing to hear how she would respond to this question coming from you?

10. How Do You Manage to Look Your Best All the Time?

Complement her and give her a reason to smile with this flattering question. This could possibly throw her off guard or make her blush, but it's a clever way to express how much you appreciate the way she looks. Girls like it when guys give them honest complements. It makes them feel special and well-appreciated. It also magnifies their confidence.

Instead of telling her that she looks pretty, kick-start a conversation by asking her how she manages to look good all the time. She may not be able to give you a definitive answer, but seeing that beautiful and modest grin on her face puts you in an advantageous position.

So if you want to make her heart flutter, drop this question and watch your chances go from zero to ten. In an instant, you'll turn into someone that she'll never forget.

11. What Is Your Most Important Life Lesson?

Getting on your serious side reveals your sincerity and genuineness as a person. No matter how much you want to keep up with that cool image, you have to take some things in life seriously. This is how you acquire wisdom and maturity. Therefore, it's not uncool to ask the girl you like about the important lessons life has taught her because we can all learn from one another as we go through a different life crisis.

Talking about life and the striking experiences you had is an insightful topic that you can share with that person you like.

So don't feel uncomfortable about asking serious questions because the best way to get to know a person better is by having an intimate conversation about life and the lessons that we learn along the way.

12. How Do You Picture Yourself 10 Years From Now?

It may sound like a question from a job interview, but it's the most thought-provoking and challenging question anyone could answer. This would require her to think, imagine, and contemplate her own life to determine the relevance of the present to her future. Such a question could give rise to many thoughtful answers and, perhaps, give you a chance to express how much you'd love to be a part of it.

Conversations can become more purposeful and unforgettable if you focus on questions that stimulate the mind (in a positive way) and make a lot of sense. Hence, it's just as important to ask introspective questions to add more substance to your interaction. After all, serious talks have their own impact as much as clever jokes and humorous stories do.

Final Thoughts

A nice conversation often starts with a good opening question or a statement that triggers a positive response. If you can get a smile on her face, your chances of getting her attention can never be too far behind. To make this happen, create a list of good questions to ask a girl you like instead of blurting out whatever comes to your mind. This can help you put your best foot forward as you try to make a good impression.

Lastly, initiating a conversation with someone you like shouldn't cause you a great deal of stress. If you're uncertain about making the first move, just ask her anything relatable to the situation. Make sure that it's an open-ended question that requires an elaborate answer to get more from her. If you can confidently pull this off, it can ultimately set the foundation for a pleasant interaction that's bound to become the first of many.