Flirty, clever, and smart — pick up lines and opening lines are used by a lot of men today because they are meant to break the ice when meeting someone they find interesting. These lines became popular because they are so hilariously effective. But while these lines appear flirty and are used solely to attract interest for the first time, they are generally fun and harmless and are don’t mean to be pushy.

Pick-up lines and openers have been used way back even during the time of our great grandfathers but as we walk through the era of smartphones and digital dating, this has become a very common thing even for the younger ones. Most people like them as well because they are light and can ease the tension during the first meeting or first conversation.

But did you know that pick up lines and opening lines are different? Yes, both sounds flirty and are both used as a “pitch” or a way to get the attention of your object of desire but they can be used in different ways and can work in different situations. Learn the difference here.

What is a Pick-up Line?

What is a pick-up line.

Pick-up lines are funny one-liners used to get the interest of another person during a first meeting or conversation. These lines are meant to immediately get attention. You can use it personally to a stranger, an acquaintance you like, or in a chat.

Pick-up lines are widely used today in many dating apps like Tinder. The better the pick-up line, the greater edge you have over others in winning a potential date. For some people, delivering a pick-up line comes out naturally. But there are still others who are just starting to navigate the pick-up line game.

How to deliver a good pick-up line:

  1. Stay true to yourself. You may have heard a good pick up line in the movie or you may have read it somewhere in social media but you don’t have to say it for the sake of delivering it. Be true to your persona, something that will fit your looks or personality. Be natural, be organic and be smooth.
  2. Be funny. A lot of people, especially women, prefer someone with a good sense of humor. They even find humor better than looks. Try to find a pick-up line that will make the object of your interest laugh to start a good conversation and just let it flow naturally. 
  3. Learn to respond. Expect a barter of words and questions as the conversation flows after a pick-up line. Just respond properly to keep the interest up. This can be a make or break chance.
  4. Make it relevant. Make sure your pick-up line is relevant to the person or the situation. Don’t deliver something out of the line because it will make you seem weird or creepy. 
  5. Flirt. Use flirty words as a form of flattery. This works most of the time and can gain you a date. A pick-up line may be cheesy or corny, but if you know how to deliver it in a flirtatious way, it certainly works.

Pick-up line examples:

What's an opening line?

What's an opening line or opener

Opening lines are simply conversation starters delivered in a smooth manner. They are not meant to be one-liners or funny like pick-up lines and they even need not to be rehearsed. Opening lines usually come up naturally.

For a men’s perspective, openers are a great way to start a conversation. When they spot their object of interest, usually strangers, they approach them in a simple, not weird way. For the ladies, however, openers are just regular conversations and most prefer this than pick-up lines that are cheesy most of the time. Smooth talkers are known to be great with openers.

On the world on online dating, opening lines make an excellent first impression. There are numerous dating apps available today and when you find your best fit when you swipe right, you usually need to have a good opening line to catch attention. It can be in the form of a question or a simple introduction. There is no set of rules when delivering an opening line. You just have to be confident and you should know how to make a conversation flow.

How to deliver a good opening line:

  1. Personalize it. When delivering your opening line, whether personal or via chat, make sure you are giving a compliment or saying something that is true. Read their profile first, see their interest, check what they are wearing or drinking. Just don’t say something cause you feel like it. Make sure it is something interested or related to the person.
  2. Be funny. Humor is always a plus point so if you can deliver something that is funny but not awkward, go for it. You may try to strike a conversation by asking about a funny sitcom or a seemingly odd thing that a stranger near both of you is doing.
  3. Be confident. Confidence is always the key to successful communication. You would not want to approach someone feeling down or awkward because clearly, a good conversation would not flow out of it and they might even find you weird.
  4. Start a conversation. Make sure that when saying an opening line, your object of interest will answer back, giving you a good level of engagement so everything will flow smoothly. Talk about what you do and your interests but not to the point of talking about every single thing you did as a child or as a teenager. Just be natural and talk with relevance.
  5. Be real. Just be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you are not just to make them interested. You have your own magic and you have to believe that. People do appreciate authenticity and it is very easy to spot. If they feel you are real, then you have a good chance of winning that conversation. 

Example of face-to-face opening lines

Example of virtual chat opening lines

Find what suits you

Are you a pick-up line or an opening line type of person? If you feel like you can carry a pick-up line with ease, (because let’s admit it, not anyone can), then do it by all means. People find it funny and most often the not, you would be able to strike up a good conversation either in person or online with a pick-up line. You just need to have the confidence to deliver it smoothly and correctly.

Now, if you are a smooth talker and a good conversation starter, then go ahead and deliver a smart, attention-grabbing opening line. Doing this is less risky and can give you more freedom to carry a conversation. Opening lines are good ice breakers and you can talk about your interest, work, and other things.

Remember that not all may appreciate your style. There is no surefire way to get attention and interest in using a good pick-up line or opening line. Even the matter of delivery sometimes would not just work, but it is good to try and learn anyway.