One in three successful couples actually meet online, so it’s no surprise that most singles are on some type of dating site or at least offering up themselves on a social platform in some way, shape, or form.

Even if you aren’t on a specific dating site and you just want your presence to scream that you’re single and ready to mingle, it’s important to have every social profile set up in such a way that attracts attention, instead of pushes it away.

Creating an eye-catching profile doesn’t have to be rocket science and even the worst of the worst at dating can snag a beauty with a snazzy profile. We’ve made sure to indulge in all of the secrets from top experts and psychologists that know what they’re talking about, so you get your profile right the first time.

Setting Up Your Dating Profile

Why Is It So Important?

It should honestly be obvious why creating a super awesome dating profile is important but in case you didn’t know, you’re trying to snag a date here. Being single isn’t all that fun in your 30’s and up.

We’re certainly not saying that it can’t be fun in your 30’s and up, we’re just saying that at some point we know most people would like to settle down with that special someone.

So, if you’re eventually looking for love, your profile is what is going to sell you - body and all. You want to make sure you’re giving off the right impression first and foremost, and secondly, you want to be sure you are catching the attention of all the right people.

Three Main Focus Points for Dating Profiles

Your Photos

For both men and women, the photos will end up being the main focal point or at least the main attraction at some point. We have to see the physical attraction there to see if we like what the person looks like, right?

Even though women tend to lean more towards personality first and photos second (with men it’s the opposite, go figure!) women still tend to base their final answer on whether they think he’s hot or not too.

It’s not enough to just have photos that make you look good either, you’ve got to remember you are trying to impress people so they’re going to look at every little thing and some will criticize you for being in the bathroom and taking a mirror selfie, so just be mindful of the quality and quantity of photos you allow on your profile.

While you don’t want tons of selfies, you also don’t want tons of friends in the pics. This is a dating profile about you, not you and your friends. It’s certainly ok to have a couple photos of you with friends but too many of them and it can actually hurt your chances of connecting with someone.

Your Profile

The profile overall is much like a resume, the people you are trying to impress and date are a lot like employers looking to hire, sifting through resume after resume. The point is that you have to, somehow, get them to stop and look at you over the others. And in the world of social media, there’s tons of competition.

Well, one really great way to attract exactly what you want is to be exactly who you are in real life, online. Honesty is always the best policy and both men and women dig a real person over a fake one - any day.

If you put out exactly what you want in return, those are the type of people you will attract. For instance, women, if you put out scantily clad photos in raunchy outfits and tongue hanging out, you’re more than likely going to attract horny bozo’s.

Leave something to the imagination and don’t be like every other girl out there. That will make him stop on your profile immediately.

Men, most women appreciate a man who is respectful, sensitive, yet manly at the same time, so if you’re one of the only men that doesn’t have a plethora of hot but fake girls as friends on your dating profile, that’s one great way to make a real woman stop and look at your profile.

When you’re different, you stand out.

The Texts and Words You Say

This should be a no-brainer, always watch what you say online but especially on a dating profile. The more negativity you put out, the less attractive you become. If you’re conceited that will push people away from you, be mindful of the text and words you put on your profile.

Remember, your profile is selling you and your love, what is worth to you? If someone could literally buy it, what would you want to say to them before they bought it?

Of course, you’re a human and you’re priceless but you still must be careful with the words you convey on your profile, and even in chats or personal messages to others.

Always try to show people the best side of you there is when it comes to your online dating presence.

Tips for Catching Their Attention With Your Dating Profile

1. Fill It All Out.

Statistics show that if you fill out more of your profile you are more likely to receive messages, likes, requests, and more. The reason being is simple, people love to know who they’re talking to is real. If you’ve got everything filled in, filled out, dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s, the other person can almost rest assured they’re talking to a real person.

We’re not saying to write a novel in your About Me section because this is actually a huge no-no, this is where too much is way too much and can destroy connections, not make them. But do write enough to tell briefly about the best parts of you, what makes you the happiest in life. Friends, family, kids, traveling, and always be honest.

Hook up all of your connections that you would like to anyways, such as your email and maybe something else like your Skype, or Instagram. You are twice as likely to receive a message from someone if you connect something personal like emails and social profiles.

2. Tell the Truth About What You Want.

There’s nothing worse than meeting someone who lies about what they want, someone always gets hurt in the end - be 100% honest about what you are looking for right now and why you are creating the dating profile. Tell the truth about who you are as well.

Most people on social dating sites are looking for something a little more serious than just a phone chat, or chatting online, so it’s almost more likely than not that you two will end up meeting up with each other. Make sure they already know before they show up what you are looking for.

We call people like that fake around here, and that is not something to be proud of, at all. Tell them what you mean and mean what you say, at all costs.

3. Choose the Best Photo of You as Your Profile Pic.

This is the first picture people are going to see of you and if they can’t see you in your photo because it’s blurry, or because you’re hiding your face, they might not even give you a second chance. Make sure you look good, preferably by yourself in the photo to make the focus on you, and don’t give or give away too much either.

Classy, wholesome, and sexy typically wins over any real man or woman, so never give away too much of you in your photo. A face photo will do, just make sure you include body photos elsewhere in your profile because some shallow people may judge your weight based on your face and not have a clue how beautiful you truly are!

4. Be Inviting and Intriguing in Your Profile.

People won’t approach you if you are not approachable, so please make sure you are always being inviting in how you portray yourself and also in what you write. The intriguing part must come from within, be mysterious in your profile and about your life to the extent it makes the reader want to know more.

You could literally even say, “if you want to know more about me, get to know me on a personal level!”, there’s nothing more open and honest, yet inviting and intriguing than that!

5. Choose Somewhere Between 5 and 7 Photos.

Make sure that the photos you choose aren’t five of the same photo over and over, even if it was a really awesome camping trip that year. Also, avoid group photo after group photo after group photo, there is something that happens with those types of photos that just doesn’t always do the dater justice.

Too many photos and you could look insecure, needy, attention-seeking and then of course not enough photos and you could just be skipped altogether. A healthy five to seven of you, you and your favorite things, you at a favorite place you’ve been, a funny thing that happened with you, should do the trick.

You don’t want tons of selfies and it to just be about your face and sexy bod either, you want your personality to shine through and the photos to do the talking for you.

If you’re into racing and fishing, put up a really hot selfie of you, a couple of photos of you in your racecar, one with your buddies and you fishing, and one with you and your family on Thanksgiving.

Show who you are on the inside too, and not just the outside.

6. Always Stay Positive.

Leave the drama for Facebook, your dating profile should show the best side of you possible. Anyone with a brain knows that there are negative qualities to everyone but that doesn’t mean we give it away right then and there on our profiles.

Besides, what if our amazing qualities outweigh the bad but you see the bad first?

Just stay positive on your profile but don’t be cheesy. Girls can get away with this just a tad more than guys can, but still, please avoid excessive memes and quotes that are super sad or super sappy. Maybe one or two per month but everything else on your profile should just be normal positivity. Don’t overdo it, but don’t be negative.

7. Check Your Grammar.

You don’t have to be the grammar police but please learn the difference between they’re, there, and their. Over half of women will turn down a profile simply over grammatical errors, and we don’t mean just one or two, we mean over and over. Check your spelling, please.

Again, you don’t have to be perfect, in fact, we’d rather you not be. But learn to use proper words at the right time and if you don’t know, don’t use them. It’s ok to mess up every now and then and leave it, but the truth is most people will end up skipping over a profile with tons of errors on it.

8. Be Yourself.

The most important rule in online dating is to be yourself, 100% and 24/7. If you have kids, statistics say that you are supposed to mention this on your profile because dating online is much different than just walking up to someone and going on a date with them. You are to be 110% see-through in the online dating world.

This doesn’t mean to give away all of your secrets but do make sure that you are very honest about things that matter in a relationship, on your dating profile.