Whether you believe in astrology and sign compatibility or not, there are some undeniable facts when it comes to love and your zodiac sign. In fact, we challenge some of you non-believers to read a little about your own sign and see how much it compares to you and your life. Chances are you’ll find that it’s a little more accurate than you think.

Each sign has different and specific traits that can either hurt you or help you when it comes to dating, love, and sex. There are signs that are perfect for each other according to their personality compatibility and there are signs that are terrible for each other, and almost never work out.

Before diving into the ins and outs of the zodiac sign, please note that this is in no way, shape, or form able to tell you who you should be with (or who you shouldn’t be with). This is only a guide to help you in relationships along the way, according to your zodiac sign.

Table of Contents

Zodiac Signs Love Characteristics and Personality Insights

  1. All About Relationships: According to Your Sign
    1. Love and Dating
    2. Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

Find out what your love, dating, and sex style is according to YOUR sign below.

All About Relationships: According to Your Sign

Different zodiac signs.

Love and Dating

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Aquarius is considered the most committed air sign of the bunch, finding pretty unique and original ways to commit to someone. When they love someone, they are super intuitive to the other person’s needs.

Their downfall in dating and relationships is sometimes being too irrational and even sometimes avoiding issues. Being passive in this way can actually cause more harm than good for an Aquarius lover.


If you are a lover, consider yourself lucky to have a Pisces partner, they are hopeless romantics and give unconditional love to no end. They create a world of their own just for them and the one they love if they have to.

The problem with this water sign is that they can become super clingy at times, not allowing you the space you need for yourself. They will feel like they always need to be around you and get reassurance from you.


An Aries lover is going to tell you what they want at all times and they won’t beat around the bush either. Being straightforward is their go-to when it comes to love and what they want out of a relationship. They have pure intentions and won’t go out of their way to hurt you.

Their worst quality in love and dating is putting the other person second, and almost always having to put themselves first. Get ready to put your feelings to the side in an argument with an Aries.


If you’re looking for stability and maturity in the long run, a Taurus partner might be your best bet. When they fall in love, they are ready to commit for life.

They are mature in the sense that when it comes time to build a life together, they’ve probably already got all of the money for your first bills saved in the bank, just waiting and ready to be paid. The problem with Taurus partners is that they are almost never accepting of change and can be pretty stubborn at times.


Gemini’s are great lovers in the sense that they want to know absolutely everything about their partner, and they get so close to you that they will be able to finish your sentences for you not long after being together. They pay attention to every little detail and then try to incorporate that into your everyday life together somehow.

Their downfall is being too passive at times especially when it comes to arguments and conflict, and that passiveness can seem like they are shutting down, not really facing the facts or handling the situation at hand.


This sign is super caring and wants to find a lover that will not only be a huge part of their lives but eventually become a part of their family. They are genuine and heartfelt, always working off of emotions, which can be wonderful if you need someone sensitive and attentive to your needs.

However, Cancer people can be super private and even moody, not opening up as quickly about things as you would like or need for them to, making it hard to even know how they feel at times.


Since Leo is a fire sign, they are super warm and compassionate, radiant and energetic when it comes to love and relationships. They shower their partner with gifts and compliments every chance they get, and they love bragging on their partner letting the whole entire world know just how much in love they are with the best guy or girl in the universe.

A Leo, however, can be self-centered at times and want all of the attention on them, and if you don’t give them that attention they can withdraw themselves from you thinking that you just don’t care enough to give them what they want.


If you need someone that is honest, pays attention to even the tiniest detail, and is beyond devoted, a Virgo would be your best option. A Virgo partner will always try to incorporate every small detail into your relationship, remembering even the quirky and weird things you love so much.

This earth sign loves and cares for their significant other so much, they will sometimes put their emotions in a bottle and on the shelf, only coming out as resentment or even aggression later.


Libra’s are the only ones of the zodiac that feature an inanimate object as their astrological sign, the scales. This is because in love and relationships especially, it’s all about balance for them – equal opportunity. They will aim to please you at all costs, and will almost always want your company as if they don’t like being alone or without you.

Libra’s are amazing at relationships because they have this intuitive notion in them to share their life with you. But like everyone else, they aren’t perfect and can be seen as flaky or indecisive at times when they aren’t sure what they really want to do.


Much like the headstrong Leo, a Scorpio lover is going to be there for their lover at all costs and they see love as something to cherish and nurture. They will sometimes even consume themselves in you and your love together, committing as much time to you as they can in between work and school.

Unfortunately, Scorpio’s are sometimes super negative and always looking for the worst possible thing that could happen and then they bolt before it even happens.


A Sagittarius lover may be one of the more fun signs of the zodiac, always ready to try out something new with their partner and holding nothing back.

They’re super flirtatious, playful, and can make you feel like high school sweethearts all over again, even if you never were. However, they are sometimes hard to tame and not as prone to commit like most of the other signs.


Capricorns are super sensual and always thriving for the best when it comes to their love life and even with their partner, and for their partner. They are trustworthy, loyal, and thoughtful and if you settle down with this sign you better be ready to build your life together.

Capricorns prioritize love and relationships, so sometimes they can come across as bossy or even a prude when demanding their needs from you.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

Zodiac signs.


Before an Aquarius gets down and dirty with you, they are going to need lots of mental and physical stimulation to get them in the mood. They’re even considered the top sign of the stars to love and use the heck out of lube when it comes to sex. They also love sex toys and are all about the fun that comes before the dirty deed.

They also love sex toys and are all about the fun that comes before the dirty deed.


Pisces are pretty dang confident when it comes to their skills in the bedroom, and when it comes time to lay down with them you’ll notice that boldness comes pouring out and they’re ready to pounce!

They are known for being super erotic and sexy, even hypnotizing in the sheets, so be prepared to have your world rocked when sexing up a Pisces man or woman.


If you’re looking for a sexual partner who doesn’t just hit it and quit it within five minutes, an Aries lover may be your best match. They love to dominate in the bedroom, pleasing their partner with the passion that is out of this world.

Not only are they super passionate, but they are highly energetic, and their sexual style can be super hot and spicy if they know what they are doing.


Taurus lovers are patient, gentle, and romantic taking their time to please their partner in the bedroom. When they are in between the sheets with their partner, they want them to feel every ounce of pleasure to the fullest so taking it slow is their forte when it comes to sex.

Be ready to make love with a Taurus for more than just a few minutes, they have the stamina of a raging bull and can last for hours if need be.


If you like switching things up in the bedroom, being playful, and talking super dirty to each other then a Gemini lover will be your favorite. They purposely delay intercourse just to reach maximum pleasure during foreplay, so that when it does come time to penetrate (or be penetrated) it will be so dang steamy in there you’ll come in ten minutes!


If you are looking for someone is super passionate but submissive in the bedroom, Cancer lovers are for you. They will give their entire being to their partner, falling under their spell almost and doing anything and everything they can just to please them – mentally and physically.

They are super gentle and even a little bit tender when it comes to sex. It may take them a while to open up but when they do, watch out! Their passion will become exposed, turning your sesh’ into one erotic lovemaking session.


Leo lovers are passionate, bold, and love talking dirty to their partner complimenting them on everything they’re doing right. And if you compliment a Leo back, be prepared to have your world (and your bed) completely rocked off the hinges!

Being one of the boldest signs there is, a Leo lover will satisfy you in every way possible, especially if they are treated in the way she/he will treat you. In fact, sex with a Leo is much more like a porno than just having sex with someone, they crave it and therefore put on a damn good performance.


Despite the Virgo sign being a virgin, they are still considered one of the most pleasing signs of the zodiac when it comes to the bedroom and pleasing their partners.

They’re open to the idea of a threesome as well as being open to the idea of having sex in the shower, making a Virgo lover one of the more open-minded and sporadic sexual partners you could have.


Libra’s are charming and irresistible, and in love with love itself. While they are more conservative than other signs when it comes to sex, they will still indulge in erotic fun every now and then.

They know how to seduce their lover and have their partner melting in their hands…and in the bed because of their amazing ability to be passionate but yet conservative all at the same time.


Scorpio lovers are wild and entertaining, trying anything once and sometimes twice. They can last all night long in the bedroom and love pleasing their partner as much as they love to be pleased themselves.

If you’re looking for a wild adventure every time you lie down together, your best sexual match would certainly be a Scorpio.


You can make love with a Sagittarius anywhere and everywhere, as they are super open-minded when it comes to sex and love trying out new things.

They crave sex that is spontaneous and they love fulfilling fantasies, not just of their own but of their partner’s wild mind as well. You are in for a wild but passionate ride when it comes to sexing up a Sag.


While Capricorn’s aren’t spontaneous, there’s still something so special about this sign that they actually experience more orgasms in one session than any other sign experiences.

Capricorns have endurance and stamina that is out of this world so that obviously can play a huge part when it comes to lovemaking – you just might have to prepare yourself for an all-nighter!