You just got the phone number of this girl that you’ve been eyeing for quite some time now. Naturally, your first impulse is to think of how you can make the most out of this chance. Are you going to call, text, or wait for the right moment? If you’re contemplating how you can successfully open the lines of communication between the two of you, the trick is simple – learn the art of flirting through text messages.

Flirting is an art. It takes skill, character, good timing, and clever use of words. It could be challenging, especially if you’re trying to win someone’s attention by making a move. Fortunately, the act of flirting got easier with the help of modern technology, like text messaging. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to flirt with someone you like just by sending text messages. Once you’ve initiated an interesting exchange of text messages between you, everything else becomes a blissful walk in the park.

In its simplest context, flirting refers to mingling with the opposite sex. It is one way of expressing your attraction and fascination for someone but doesn’t necessarily equate to love and serious intentions. Often, you flirt with someone you like to amuse yourself, satisfy your ego, or validate self-worth.

If you want to learn how to flirt over text, you have to figure out ways to use words creatively. Without question, you want this person to start paying more attention to you by responding to your text messages all the time. Your goal is to make her enjoy trading text messages with you and enable her to look forward to your conversation.

Reasons to Flirt Over Text

Reasons why to flirt over text messages.

First, let’s find out why it’s important to learn how to flirt through text messages and why it matters in this modern age. Here are the top reasons.

1. It Makes Flirting so Much Easier.

Sending a text message to someone you like is far more conceivable than talking in person or calling her over the phone. You can simply compose a simple or hard-hitting text message and send it to the person without having to go through a nerve-wracking situation.

Moreover, talking on the phone is too straightforward, especially if you just got a hold of his/her phone number. This makes flirting via text more practical and ethical.

2. It Enables You to Pick Your Words Carefully.

With text messaging, you can construct your message in any way you want. You can edit it and filter its content before sending it. This minimizes the risks of making a wrong move or saying inappropriate things while flirting. More importantly, you can take your time thinking of how you’ll keep the conversation substantial instead of unintentionally blurting out meaningless words that you’ll regret or feel sorry for later on.

3. There Is No “Dead Air”.

Adding up to the pressure when flirting with someone face-to-face is dealing with “dead air.” Those sudden bouts of silence wherein you don’t know what to say next can create a great deal of tension. Often, the discomfort becomes overwhelming that you would rather disappear into thin air. In effect, what might have been a glorious moment for you turns out to be a cringe-worthy scenario.

With text messaging, you don’t have to worry about that because there’s no pressure on the situation. You can take as much time as you want in composing your flirtatious messages, with no risk of getting tongue-tied.

4. It Gives You Time to Get Comfortable.

Flirting over text messages allows you to feel more comfortable with someone before taking things to the next level. It gives you enough time to adjust and warm up to each other, to figure out if you have a connection. Over a certain time, the thread of text messages between you can help you determine if there’s a chance for you to make advancements.

5. You Can Flirt With the Person you Like Anytime.

If you know how to flirt over text messages, you can practically flirt with the person you like anytime. You don’t have to stick around and wait for him/her to pass by, so you can make a move. A few clicks on your phone are all it takes to send him/her a meaningful message, which makes every moment the right moment to get playful and giddy with your crush.

Texting infuses a lot of amusement and satisfaction to flirting. Waiting for the other person’s reply builds up the anticipation for what’s coming next, and this makes the experience far more engrossing in a lot of ways. The fact that you can also back-read your conversation enables you to establish an affinity for the person. In the end, you’ll find yourself wondering while reading between the lines as you wait for the next text message to pop on your screen.

If you want to master the art of flirting over text and start wooing that person you like, there are a few steps and pointers that you’d need to know to get it right. Remember that your success depends on how the other person would respond or if they would respond at all. Ultimately, flirting is more than just a playful exchange of words. It’s meant to be fun, engaging, and satisfying in a lot of ways.

How to Flirt Over Text

1. Have a Good Introduction.

Just because you’re merely flirting with someone doesn’t mean that you can say anything recklessly. You have to be selective with your words to encourage the person you’re texting to reply. A good introduction is something friendly, pleasant, and polite. You should introduce yourself and state your motive for texting.

Here’s an example:

2. Text Something Funny or Catchy.

Flirting over text requires a great deal of wit and charm. If you want to keep things interesting between you, try to text something funny or catchy. Pick-up lines and jokes are great ideas, but you’re free to try out something unique. Use words creatively as much as you can, and put your sense of humor to good use.

Here are some ideas.

3. Tease, Be Playful, and Have Fun.

If you want to take things further, a little teasing and boldness won’t hurt. Flirting is meant to be fun and playful unless you’re seriously considering getting romantic. In this sense, it’s perfectly acceptable to state your assumptions and become a bit suggestive. However, make sure not to cross the line by being mindful of what you’re texting. Flirting can only be satisfying and worthwhile for both parties if you’re both enjoying it.

Here are some examples of flirty but non-offensive text messages.

4. Incorporate Moments of Honesty and Sincerity.

Flirting is not all about being playful and funny all the time. To make it beneficial for both parties, honesty and sincerity are just as essential. Keep in mind that a worthwhile exchange of text messages between two individuals is comparable to a real conversation. It has to be constructive and unpretentious, even if your intention is just to flirt. Therefore, sharing moments of profound and heartfelt conversation is ok – something that goes beyond flirting.

Here are some examples.

5. Learn How to Make a Good Comeback.

It’s fun to flirt with someone who has a way with words, someone who can make you smile aimlessly. It makes the conversation lively and entertaining. Therefore, if you’re flirting with someone over text, try your best to make a winning comeback to infuse some humor into your wordplay.

A good comeback statement is the surest way to make an impression without even trying hard. Remember not to overdo it and avoid making sarcastic remarks. Instead of being offensive, be someone who is quick-witted and full of personality.

Here are some examples of clever comebacks.

6. Be Sensitive and Tactful.

Flirting makes sense in many ways, but making a person fall for you just to boost your ego is an entirely different thing. Regardless of how flirtatious and playful you are, never play with another person’s feelings. You can be humorous, witty, and playful in as much as you can. However, you should know where to draw the line, especially if you have no plans to pursue him/her and you’re fooling around.

If she’s nice to you, don’t take advantage of it. You can tease her and flirt with her, but be sensitive and considerate enough not to lead her on.

Here’s what to keep in mind when flirting over text.

7. Play It Cool and Be a Good Sport.

If you’re flirting with someone over text, you cannot expect things to go your way all the time. Sometimes, you’ll have to deal with rejection, snappy remarks, or no reply at all. When this happens, play it cool and be a good sport. Don’t take it personally and never dare the person. You are not in the right position to feel bad about it, so don’t waste your time finding a means to get back.

Just the same, being pushy won’t help you redeem your wounded pride and ego. So if your attempt to flirt with someone is rejected, move on and don’t take it personally. This is your cue to stop texting him/her and just to leave things hanging for now.

Stop texting if:

8. Understand That Flirting Has a Limit.

Most people who enjoy flirting over text are amused with the exchange of messages. It builds up the excitement and anticipation over what’s coming next. No matter how much you’re enjoying it, be aware that there are certain limitations that you need to be aware of. Even if the person you’re flirting with is welcoming your waywardness, jokes, and playful behavior, avoid texting obscene and lewd messages. Don’t trigger embarrassment and discomfort as you go along.

There are different ways to tease and excite another person if they are playing along with you, but being vulgar is certainly not one of them.

Here are some examples.

9. Know When to Stop.

Flirting can make you feel good about yourself, as long as you know how to play it right. Therefore, if you have no intention of catching feelings for each other, it’s important to know when to stop. The exchange of text messages can often become too mesmerizing that things could eventually go out of hand. The next thing you know is that either one is way past the flirting phase and is expecting something more.

If you have no intention to take things to the next level or are not ready for anything serious, feel free to lie low and space out. Flirting doesn’t have to escalate into a real relationship. However, it also doesn’t give you the right to take advantage of another person’s feelings.

Final Thoughts

Flirting over text is a fun way to interact with someone you like. By nature, it’s meant to be light and cheerful. As long as you’re clear with your intentions and you understand the limits, there is no reason for you not to enjoy it whenever you can. Lastly, by clearly understanding what flirting is all about and how it works between two people, you can look forward to positive experiences every time.